Joseph Roberts Smallwood History Page 
  • Portrait of Joseph Roberts Smallwood by Bernard Safran

  • Articles on Joseph Roberts Smallwood by Melvin Baker

  • Smallwood, Joseph Roberts - A Biography by Melvin Baker
  • The Tenth Province, 1949-1972 by Melvin Baker
  • Introductory Essay in 1998 reprint of J.R. Smallwood's Coaker of Newfoundland
  • J.R. Smallwood - labor and socialist leader by Melvin Baker
  • Edited with an introduction J.R. Smallwood's "The Parliament of the North: The Fishermen's Protection Union in convention, 1921 and 1923," Newfoundland Quarterly (Christmas 2001): 2-9.

    Articles and speeches by Joseph Roberts Smallwood
  • Port Union in 1921 by J.R. Smallwood
  • "Port Union" from Coaker of Newfoundland by J.R. Smallwood
  • Tramping 100 Miles on the West Coast by J.R. Smallwood - Introduction by Melvin Baker
  • Document: "J.R. Smallwood on Liberalism in 1926 "- Edited and with an Introduction by Melvin Baker and James Overton
  • Articles written by J.R. Smallwood in the 1920s
  • Testimony before the Commission of Enquiry Investigating the Seafisheries of Newfoundland and Labrador other than the Sealfishery, 1937.
  • Smallwood's remarks in the National Convention in 1947 on the elevation of Memorial University College to university status
  • "Memorial University of Newfoundland -- "a live, dynamic centre of learning [and] culture" by Joseph R. Smallwood, edited by Melvin Baker, in Newfoundland Quarterly (Winter 2000) 2-5
  • J.R. Smallwood Foundation for Newfoundland and Labrador Studies
  • Joseph Roberts Smallwood Papers at the Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives, Memorial University
  • George H. Tucker Letters, J.R. Smallwood to George Tucker, 1924-25