Lovell's Newfoundland Directory for 1871

Catalina - A town of considerable business on north side of Trinity Bay, district of Trinity. It has a fine harbour, though sometimes difficult of access, with a harbour light situated on Green Island. The only noteworthy object in the town is the English church, a fine wooden building. It is a post town and port of entry. Distant from Trinity 20 miles by road, from St. John's by steamer, fortnightly, 60 miles. Fare $5. Mail weekly. Population 1300.

Ackman, Rev. Samuel R., Wesleyan

Addey, Henry, fisherman

Addey, John, fisherman

Addey, Stephen, fisherman

Addey, William, fisherman

Ashford, William, fisherman

Avery, Newman, fisherman

Baker, Simon, fisherman

Blunden, John, planter

Blunden, Robert, planter

Bremner, Alexander

Bremner, John, merchant

Bright, Charles

Brine, James

Brown, Thomas, fisherman

Brushett, Francis, fisherman

Brushett, George, fisherman

Brushett, John, fisherman

Brushett, William, fisherman

Bursey, John, fisherman

Bursey, Robert, fisherman

Bursey, William, fisherman

Butt, John, fisherman

Butt, Nathaniel, fisherman

Carpenter, George

Clark, James, fisherman

Clouter, George, jun., planter

Clouter, George, sen., planter

Clouter, Stephen, planter

Clouter, William, planter

Coleridge, William, fisherman

Collins, James, planter

Collins, John, fisherman

Comers, Timothy

Courage, John, planter

Courage, Joseph, planter

Courage, Solomon, fisherman

Courage, Thomas, fisherman

Drake, John, fisherman

Day, William, fisherman

Deans, John, fisherman

Diamond, Esau, fisherman

Diamnond, John

Diamond, Peter, fisherman

Diamond, Robert

Diamond, Robert, sen., fisherman

Duffett, Charles, fisherman

Duffett, John, fisherman

Duffett, William, fisherman

Edgecombe, James, fisherman

Edgecombe, John, fisherman

Edmunds, Samuel, planter

Facey, Nicholas, planter

Facey, William, planter

Flood, Charles

Gibbs, Joseph, fisherman

Gould, James, fisherman

Gould, William, fisherman

Granger, Charles

Grant, William, fisherman

Gullage, George, fisherman

Gullage, John, fisherman

Guy, Edward

Hart, Benjamin, fisherman

Haynes, John, fisherman

Haynes, Thomas, fisherman

Hicks, John, planter

Higgins, George, fisherman

Higgins, Samuel, fisherman

Hilster, Nathaniel, fisherman

Hiscock, Edward, fisherman

Hiscock, Frederick, planter

Hiscock, John, jun.

Hiscock, John, sen., fisherman

House, George, planter

House, James, planter

House, John, planter

House, Josiah, fisherman

House, Robert, planter

House, William, planter

Howell, William, fisherman

Hunt, Ebenezer, fisherman

Hunt, James, planter

Hunt, John, fisherman

Humphries, George, planter

Jeans, Stephen, trader and planter

Joy, Joseph, fisherman

Keel, Moses, fisherman

Keel, William, fisherman

Lane, John, fisherman

Lodge, Richard, planter

Leg, Thomas, fisherman

Lethbridge, Andrew, fisherman

Lethbridge, Thomas, fisherman

Lethbridge, James, fisherman

McCormick, Thomas

McLoughlan, James, planter

McLoughlan, Patrick, fisherman

Manuel, George

Manuel, John, fisherman

Manuel, John, sen., planter

Manuel, Joseph, planter

Manuel, Thomas, fisherman

Martin, Peter, planter

Martin, Thomas, planter

Mason, Elias, fisherman

Mason, John, jun., planter

Mason, John, sen., fisherman

Mason, Matthew, jun., fisherman

Mason, Matthew, sen., fisherman

Mason, William, fisherman

Matthew, George

Mifflen, John, fisherman

Murphy, Edward, planter

Murphy, James, merchant

Murphy, John, planter

Murphy, Patrick

Netten, Rev. William, Ch of England

Newhook, Charles, shipwright

Newhook, William, shipwright

Norman, Benaiah, planter

Norman, William, jun., fisherman

Norman, William, sen., fisherman

Nowlan, John

Nowlan, John, jun.

Nowlan, Michael, planter

Nowlan, Thomas, fisherman

Nowlan, Thomas, fisherman

Nowlan, William, planter

Pardy, Henry, fisherman

Pardy, Selina

Pearce, Robert, fisherman

Perry, Isaac J., master mariner

Perry, Joseph, planter

Perry, Moses, fisherman

Pomroy, George, planter

Powell, Henry, fisherman

Prye, Samuel, fisherman

Raymond, George, planter

Rennie, David, trader

Rowe, William, fisherman

Rogers, Joseph, fisherman

Rober, Henry, lighthouse keeper

Russell, George, jun., fisherman

Russell, George, sen., fisherman

Russell, John, fisherman

Russell, Thomas, fisherman

Shepherd, George, fisherman

Shepherd, James, fisherman

Shepherd, Joseph, fisherman

Smart, George, fisherman

Snelgrove, Benjamin, planter and trader

Snelgrove, Peter, fisherman

Stickley, Stephen, fisherman

Stone, Thomas, planter

Strathie, James, fisherman

Sutton, Patrick, planter

Sutton, Thomas, planter

Sweet, John, fisherman

Sweet, Philip, fisherman

Walsh, Lawrence, fisherman

Walsh, Nicholas, fisherman

Wells, Henry T., fisherman

Wells, Theophilus, planter

White, Alexander, fisherman

White, Levi, fisherman

White, Stephen, planter

Willis, Elias, fisherman

Wiltshire, Henry, fisherman

Wiltshire, Thomas, fisherman

Wood, Peter, assistant lighthouse keeper