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Charles Granger

Charles Granger

(Originally published in the Fishermen's Advocate, December 28, 1946. The article had no by-line, but it was written by Charles Granger, the Advocate's editor. The article was transcribed by Melvin Baker, August 1997)

The new shop and office building of the F.P.U. Trading Co. Ltd., was opened for business the week before Christmas. It was begun and finished during this year. The new building, replacing that destroyed in the disastrous fire of March 1st, 1945, is a three storied structure. It is constructed out of wood covered with cedar grained, asbestos shingles and with built up asphalt roofings. The construction was under the supervision of Mr. S.O. Penny of English Hr., who had for his foreman Mr. Albert Bailey of Port Rexton. Columns, girders and joisting are of B.C. fir imported from Canada, while practically all the rest of the material was supplied by the Company's store at Musgravetown. There is one freight elevator in this building; it was built by the George T. McLouthlin Company of Boston. This elevator was installed under the supervision of Mr. Penny. The electrical work was done by the Union Electric Light and Power Company.

The building is finished inside throughout with Ten-Test and Masonite imported through the firm of F.M. O'Leary Ltd. The top counters are finished with the latter material. The mouldings, asbestos shingles, asphalt, etc., for roof and some of the heavy timber were purchased through the firm of Chester Dawe, Ltd. Heating equipment consists of latest type radiation and convector system, steam heated by slow pressure boiler installed by the firm of C.A. Hubley, Ltd., with intention to install fully automatic oil burning unit to produce steam required, but owing to delay in delivery a temporary coal burning steam plant is now being used. Plumbing was done by the plant engineer, Mr. Alex. Pelley, and his assistants. Included in the construction is a fireproof, reinforced concrete vault from ground to second storey with entrances at both floors. This vault is not quite completed as the fireproof doors have not yet arrived. The new building has three stories. The top floor contains the wholesale dry goods with dry goods manager's office. The second floor contains the retail grocery, hardware and dry goods departments and the offices, which include, in addition to the main office, two private offices and a stenographers office. The lower story contains the provision department with provision manager's office, machine shops and garages. The garages are located in the SW. end of the building and have space for three trucks.

The new building measures 82 ft. x 101 ft.

The flashing and sheet metal work on the new building was done by L.J. Raymond & Son, Tinsmiths, of Catalina.

With the completion of the shop and office building the main premises of the Fishermen's Trading Co., Ltd., have been replaced. The chief difference between the new and old buildings are the new shop and office building is a three storied structure while the old building was four storied. The old building contained the offices of the Union Electric Light and Power Company. That Copmpany now has its own building. In the old building the main offices were on the fourth floor. In the new building they are on the second floor. Last year the new fish store and the Electric Company's buildings were completed. Pictures of them appear on page four.

The Hotel is practically completed and will be opened shortly. It contains nine bedrooms, two bathrooms, drawing room, dining room and kitchen.

It is planned to begin rebuilding the Church of Holy Martyrs next spring.

The new fish store constructed last year by the Fishermen's Union Trading Company, Ltd., measures 185 ft. long, is 80 to 100 feet wide and is three stories high. It is finished outside with cedar grained asbestos shingles and the roof is of the built-up asphalt type. The ground floor is concrete and the lower story is so constructed that trucks can back inside and unload cargo. The doors are swung from special overhead travellers so that they rise and slide in overhead and are extremely easy to operate. On the 1st and 2nd floors two new fish screws have been installed and the top floor provides for an up-to-date cooperage, carpenter shop and modern drier. The building contains three elevators, each with a carrying capacity of 4500 lbs. and an operating lift of 50 ft. per minute.

The new store can handle from 50 to 60 thousand quintals of fish, and large quantities of fish have been handled in it and exported from it, not only for the Trading Company but for Bonavista, Catalina and Elliston firms as well.

The new buildings are splendid structures, strong, durable and solidly constructed. The appearance, too, is attractive and modernistic.

Staff of the Dry Goods, Grocery, and Provisions Departments and office staff of the F.U. Trading Co., Ltd. In 1946 were:

A. Hussey

A. Winsor, Manager, Dry Goods and Grocery Departments

C.R. Norris, Assistant Manager, F.U.T. Co., Ltd.

H.A. Dawe, General manager, F.U.T. Co., Ltd.

Frank Bailey, Manager, Provisions Department

H. Hayward

C.E. Rideout

Hilda Sweetland

Gwen Samson

Minnie Tulk

Betty Pelley

Elsie Russell

Marcella McNamara

Albert Mason

Dolf Tulk

Wilfred Winsor

Reg King

A.G. Mifflin

Leslie Baker

J.R. Parsons

Audrey Spurrell

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