Obituary: Dugald White


Charles Granger

(Originally published in the Fishermen's Advocate, March 19, 1943. Transcribed by Melvin Baker, October 1997)

Once more the Grim Reaper has paused in our community and removed into the shade a great and beloved soul. One of our best known citizens and ablest community leaders is no more. A great leader of men, Dugald White was widely known on this coast and elsewhere as a vigorous, energetic man, who was tireless in constructive endeavour.

Born 75 years ago, the late Mr. White grew up on East Point, Catalina, and engaged in the cod fishery, while still a young man. Later, he moved to the United States where he worked for a time at construction work and then with Carnegie's Steel Corporation. While engaged in this work, he was unfortunate in sustaining severe injuries which cost him an arm (he had lost an eye previously). Returning to his native Catalina, Mr. White took an part in the F.P.U. Movement, under the leadership of Sir W.F. Coaker, and was largely responsible for the firm structure of the Catalina Council of which he was chairman for nine years. For a period he worked in Port Union as wharf superintendent with the Fishermen's Union Trading Co., Ltd., and tidewaiter for the Customs. He also took the "F.P. Union" seal hunting during one spring and brought in a quantity of seals.

Finally, deciding to retire, Mr. White built a new home in Catalina, and proceeded to devote much of his time and great talent to community. In Church, Society and community life he has left lasting monuments to his worth. Of particular note is the new St. Peter's school, and the Joseph Clouter Free Public Library system. The new parsonage and other projects also owe much to him. Truly his works do follow him. The last few years saw a slowing down of the splendid energy which made him so vital and during the last months of his life he was very ill indeed. The end came early Wednesday morning, when he passed away after a full and useful life...