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Last updated February 11th, 2008 @ 10:10 NST
See below for a list of important updates.

Greetings eager delegates!

We're down to the last week basically before our 2 day event MUN Squared, we hope all the delegates are prepared and ready to go. We've been having some technical difficulties with the website as you may very well know but we believe it's all under control finally so everything will be put up asap. Thanks for your patience. If there are still any questions feel free to e-mail any one of the Secretrait and we'll do our best to help.

This year MUN Squared is accommadating over 400 delegates in a total of 7 committees. We're starting to grow too large for Memorials campus actually and will be looking into alternative areas to hold this conference next year. But for now we'll see you all Feb 19th and 20th on Memorial's campus!

We're all so excited to be involved with the 17th annual Model United Nations and we hope you have a blast. Feel free to contact any of us through the links below, should you have any questions or concerns.

Oh and just so everybody knows, after closing ceremonies STAND t-shirts will be available for $20, t-shirts are 100% ethical. Fairtrade materials and labour went into the production of each shirt. To learn more about them visit www.standcanada.org


The Secretariat
Amanda Foote, Secretary-General
Blair Long, Under-Secretary General
Trina Porter, President

Important Updates:
02.11.08 - All the background guides and resolutions have been posted. Country Assignments have been updated. The schedule will be updated soon.
02.10.08 - The topics have been updated, the directions pages has not, nor has the schedule, nor the staff profiles but we're getting there.

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