--- Marilyn's Mighty Impact Crater ---


This is where we are now! Those concrete-block walls you see under the big rocks toward the left side of the crater in the picture, and around the huge rock in the centre are just that - -- concrete-block walls.

This smaller picture shows what is supporting that huge rock in the centre. Nothing but soil, which was slowly compressing, causing the rock to sink a few inches every year. So we stabilized it with concrete and rebar. (Until last year, the only concrete I had laid before was when I made a backyard barbecue, fifteen years ago).

This summer I plan to extend both myself and the concrete walls by building a dividing wall between what will be a bog garden (at the bottom of the picture), between the house to the north and the deeper plant pond to the south.

Then I plan to place a row of concrete blocks all around the top edge of the plant pond. This will provide a stable edge for an underliner and liner, which I will wrap over the blocks and hold down with capping stones.

After that ....?

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