A 32 bar reel for three couples


 1 - 4
1st and 2nd couples, taking hands on the side, set and dance right hands across half way round.

 5 - 8

1st and 2nd couples, again taking hands on the side, set and, giving right hands to partner, cross over.

1st couple remain facing out.


 9 - 14
1st woman casts off below the 3rd woman, dances across the set below the 3rd man and casts up into second place on the opposite side. Meanwhile, 1st man casts up above the 2nd man, dances across the set above the 2nd woman and casts off into second place on the opposite side.

15 - 16
1st couple turn with the left hand to face first corner.

 17 - 22
Reels of three on the side. 1st couple give left shoulder to first corner to start the reel.

 23 - 24
1st couple, giving right hands, cross over to second place on own side.

 25 - 32
1st, 2nd and 3rd couples dance six hands round and back.
  Repeat having passed a couple.
Inscribed to the memory of my aunt, Isabel Jackson of Glasgow and Cumbernauld who passed away on 30 March 1998. During a visit to Scotland in the summer of 1995, we took a Sunday afternoon drive to the Trossachs together.


Suggested music: Denise's Tune (comp. John M. Mason)


© 1998, Martin E. Mulligan


 Web edition first posted 18 June 1999