A 32 bar March (6/8 tempo) for Two Couples

FORMATION: Couple facing couple either around the room or up and down the room if there are insufficient couples to make an effective circle.

STEP: This dance should be performed with a walking step.


  1 - 8
1st and 2nd couples circle four hands round and back.

  9 - 12
1st man turn the opposite (2nd) woman once round giving left hands, while 1st woman turn the opposite (2nd) man once round giving left hands

  13 - 16
1st and 2nd couples turn partner once round giving right hands

  17 - 24

1st and 2nd couples, do right hands across and back.

At the end, each man retains hold of partner's left hand and joins right hand with his partner's right hand in Allemande hold.


  25 - 32

1st couple and 2nd couple promenade around one another one and one half times to change places and finish facing a new couple

NOTE: If danced up and down the room, then couples at th ends of the line will need to wait out a turn before starting again.

This dance was originally inspired by Jim Rae's dance "The Pinewoods Two-Step". I wanted a simpler dance for beginning dancers and this was the ultimate composition. The title refers to Richmond, New South Wales, site of the 2002 Australian Winter School where I finally christened the dance!


Recorded Music: I use the Two-Step recorded by Sound Company on "Free Spirit" though this is played only 4 x 32. The tune used there is Angie's 21st by J. Davidson.

Note: If danced in lines up and down the room, then an odd number of repetitions of the music is preferable so that everyone is dancing on the final repetition.


© 2001, Martin E. Mulligan

 Web edition first posted 23 August 2002