A Trip to Newfoundland

 A hornpipe for 3 couples

The Matthew

In 1497, King Henry VII commissioned Giovanni Caboto, an Italian sailor, to sail west and claim new lands for England. The voyage led to an unexpected new land - not the Far East, as Caboto had hoped, but the eastern coast of an immense continent.

John Cabot sailed to his "New Founde Lande" on the Matthew, a classic 15th century caravelle. To celebrate the 500th anniversary of his voyage, a replica of the Matthew was built in Bristol, England, using shipbuilding techniques true to the 15 century. It arrived in Bonavista, Newfoundland on June 24, 1997 where it was welcomed by Queen Elizabeth II.


 1 -  8

The departure -- down the Bristol Channel and away

1st couple set, dance down through 2nd couple, dance down behind 3rd couple, meet below them and lead up to face first corners. (Figure 1) 2ndcouple step up on bars 5-6.


 9 - 12

The stormy seas send you in all directions

1st couple set to first corners and turn them with the right hand to finish in the middle of the dance, 1st woman between 2nd couple facing 2nd woman, and 1st man between 3rd couple facing facing 3rd man. (Figure 2)


13 - 16

2nd,1st and 3rd couples dance half reels of three across the dance, 1st and 2nd women, and 1st and 3rd men passing by the left to begin.

At the end, 1st couple pass giving left hands to face second corners, who are now on opposite sides, while 2nd and 3rd couples dance round into place. (Figure 3)


17 - 24
1st couple repeat bars 9 - 16 from these new positions. On bar 24, 1st couple dance to finish in second place on own side.

25 - 32

In the safe harbour at last!

1st couple set, and giving right hand, cross over, set, and giving right hand, cross back.

Meanwhile, 2nd and 3rd couples dance rights and lefts. (Figure 4)


 Figure 1

 Figure 2

 Figure 3

 Figure 4




The Bristol Hornpipe (trad.)

The Cliff Hornpipe (trad.)

The Navvie Hornpipe (trad.)

The Bonavista Hornpipe (Bruce Shawyer)

© 1997, Bruce Shawyer & Martin Mulligan


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