COBEL's infrastructure to conduct laboratory and field research on the biology and ecology of benthic fauna and flora includes:

Twenty-four, 75-L glass tanks individually lighted (dimmers and timers) and supplied with water pumped in from the sea to conduct replicated, mesocosm experiments on the reproduction, growth, and behavior of marine organisms

Five large (330-L) holding tanks supplied with flow-through seawater to maintain/acclimate organisms 

A 7-HP water chiller and dual water distribution system to conduct mesocosm experiments at different water temperatures simultaneously

Sensors and monitoring equipment to quantify abiotic factors and the distribution of benthic fauna and flora, including light/temperature loggers, current meter, and a high-resolution video camera system with submersible housing

A dedicated computer station to process and visualize remote sensing and GIS data

Diving equipment

A full-size, 4x4, pickup truck adapted for transportation of diving and marine equipment

A 6-m RIB vessel with console and 115-HP (main) and 9.9-HP (backup) O/B motors to conduct subtidal research

An oscillatory wave tank (under construction)