The Cold Ocean Benthic Ecology Lab offers opportunities for Postdoctoral fellows, MSc and PhD candidates, and undergraduate students to conduct marine research consistent with its research objectives. Prospective students can apply at all times on the offers posted below, if any, or propose their own research ideas provided they are in line with these objectives. Priority is given to highly motivated, hardworking persons with background in marine biology/ecology and relevant research experience and to those awarded scholarships such as NSERC or RDC undergraduate and graduate scholarships. Diving experience is generally mandatory for graduate research projects requiring underwater work, though some projects can be adapted to accomodate non-diving students. Students who wish to apply for Honours project are not required to dive. 


Students awarded an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) are strongly encouraged to apply to join the COBEL to undertake undergraduate research that complements the lab’s research objectives.


Research assistants are recruited on a regular basis to assist with field and laboratory work. This is great opportunity to gain research experience while developing skills for research in marine sciences. Although research assistants are generally recruited through Memorial Undergraduate Career Experience Program (MUCEP), other hiring programs described here also exist within MUN. 


Students from Canadian and foreign universities and colleges who wish to undertake internships in the COBEL should email me to discuss opportunities as those are genrally not posted.



To inquire about positions available or to discuss project ideas, all candidates should email me: (1) a statement of research interest and experience, (2) a resume, and (3) a copy of most recent transcripts (unofficial is acceptable). The absence of postings below does not mean that there are no positions currently available. Therefore, you are encouraged to propose your candidature at anytime