SCWK 7421 - Final Paper

For this paper you are asked to demonstarte your ability to engage in qualitative data analysis.  Of course, you will need to develop data for purposes of this analysis.

The paper should be presented as you would an article for publication (not to exceed 5000 words).  It will be graded based on how well it:

The data to be used is wide open.  You are expected to generate an issue of interest (though it should be small enough to be completed in the time allotted and it shouldn't involve any human subjects issues or concerns) and to develop a method for data collection and analysis that is appropriate.  You will likely want to wait until class to discuss your areas of interest and to use the opportunity for consultation with the instructor to refine a realistic project (i.e., that fits into the parameters and time frame of the course).  This doesn't prohibit you from engaging in consultation earlier in order to get a head start on the work.  Regardless, the paper is due 1 August 2010.