SCWK 7421 - Pre Course Paper

This paper is intended to meet two objectives:  1) it helps get your head around the material to be covered during the semester; and 2) it allows the instructor to gain a sense of where people are at in their knowledge and thinking about qualitative data analysis.  The paper is due at the start of class on 14 June 2010.

Briefly (in a paragraph or two) suggest a study you might undertake using qualitative methods and analysis and describe the methods you would use.  Now (in no more than two pages per question), answer the following:

1.  What are the strengths of a qualitative approach to answering this question?

2.  What are the weaknessess or limitations of a qualitative approach to answering this question?

3.  Do you believe that a qualitative approach is appropriate to the study of the question you have posed?

Obviously, there is no right or wrong answer.  Evaluation will be based on the degree of thoughtful reflection about the method and on  being realistic about the value and usefulness of qualitative methods.