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Cost-Benefit Analysis (MA ECONOMICS)

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Week 1JAN 8Meeting session

JAN 10Chapter 1And here is our CBA newsstory of the week: on dealing with asymmetric information
Week 2JAN 15

JAN 17
Week 3JAN 22Chapter 2Essay guidelines and suggested topics. Submit your choice of topic by Wed WEEK 8 

JAN 24CBA newsstory about protectionism in Canada
Week 4JAN 29Chapter 3

Addendum I
Addendum II
This applet (if you get it to work on your own computers, ...I cannot access enough permissions in class to run it, and your browser might not be compatible with the needed verson of JAVA :( ) will help youtunderstand how to work the income and substitution effects for different types of goods

This other one is a lot less interactive but it should work more seamlessly on most computers

JAN 31
Week 5FEB 5

FEB 7CBC CBA story of the day
And another one
Week 6FEB 12Chapter 4 (benefits)And this one is about intervening (albeit not so appropriately in some cases) to deal with asymmetric information

This is a real life example of collusion in an oligopoly

FEB 14MIDTERM 1Do not forget about this talk on Muskrat Falls

Week 8FEB 26Chapter 4 (costs)A vivid example of asymmetric information
and more on signalling and some further reading (only for the interested reader) on signals and the economics of online dating...but perhaps it is all about just supply and demand

here is a link to an article by R. Frank about monogamy versus polygamy (he means polyginy throughout but he mostly uses plain English and most people use these terms interchangeably)

Brief Interview with Robert Frank with some links to wasteful signalling  (on the cover of his book you will see the example of the antlers of elks!)

He mentions something I forgot to mention: many of the regulations we stake for granted are about curtailing individual rights and choices for the good of the collective. For example, you need a realtively advanced level of institutions to come up with, organize, and enforce monogamy.

Further reading (for when the term is over...)
Oh and I was forgetting some references to the size of penises (also here) and about the signals we give and get thrrough make-up

Here is a pretty good article about sexual economics

FEB 28
Week 9MAR 5Chapter 5

MAR 7Chapter on Discounting (Chapter 6)

Week 10MAR 12Chapter 7 (Existence values)

Week 11MAR 19Chapter 8

MAR 21Chapter 9
Week 12MAR 26

MAR 28Chapter 10
Week 13APRL 2Essay presentations

APRL 4Essay presentations
Final exam

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