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"A proposal for the analysis of price escalation within water tariffs. The impact of the Water Framework Directive in Spain", with Marta Suárez-Varela Maciá,, Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space 36 (4), 726-749, 2018

"Household Adoption of Energy and Water-Efficient Appliances: An Analysis of Attitudes, Labelling and Complementary Green Behaviours in Selected OECD Countries", with To Dieu-Hang, R. Quentin Grafton, and María García-Valiñas, Journal of Environmental Management, 197, pp. 140-150 (2017)

"Which factors, and to what extent, influence the condition of urban water distribution networks. An empirical analysis of the Spanish case" with Francisco González-Gómez and Miguel A. García-Rubio, forthcoming in Water Resources and Economics (February, 2017)
A Contingent Valuation of the Biomitigation Benefits of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture in Canada”, with Thierry Chopin, Anthony Noce, Shawn Robinson, Winnie Yip, and Duncan Knowler, forthcoming in Aquaculture Economics and Management, 20(1):1-23 2016.
"Responses to changes in domestic water tariff structures: a Latent Class Analysis on household-level data from Granada, Spain" with María Pérez-Urdiales and María A. García-Valiñas, Environmental & Resource Economics, 63(1), 167-191,  2016
“An Analysis of the Price Escalation of Non-Linear Water Tariffs for Domestic Uses in Spain”, with Marta Suárez-Varela Maciá and Francisco González-Gómez, Utilities Policy, Special Issue on Redesigning Water Tariffs: Experiences and Reforms, 34, 82-93, 2015.
“Estimating the Biomitigation Benefits of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture: a Contingent Behavior Analysis”, with Thierry Chopin, Anthony Noce, Shawn Robinson, Winnie Yip, and Duncan Knowler,  Aquaculture, 437(1), 182-194, 2015.
“Households’ pro-environmental habits and investments in water and energy consumption: determinants and relationships” with Maria A. Garcia-Valiñas and Céline Nauges, ,  Journal of Environmental Management, 133(1), 174-183, 2014
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"Adopting versus adapting'': adoption of water-saving technology versus water conservation habits in Spain, with María A. García-Valíñas, forthcoming in the International Journal of Water  Resources Development, 29(3), 400-414, 2013.
"`Been there done that': Disentangling option value effects from user heterogeneity when valuing natural resources with a use component", with Nikita Lyssenko, Environmental Management, 50(5), 819-836, 2012
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 "Residential Water Demand in the Northwest of Spain"  (abstract) Environmental and Resource Economics 21(2) 161-187, 2002

Book Chapters
“The use of non-pricing  instruments to manage residential water demand: What have we learned?”, with M.Á. García-Valiñas and Hang To, contributed chapter to R.Q. Grafton, K. Daniell, C. Nauges, J.Rinaudo, M. Ward and W. Chan, eds. Understanding and Managing Urban Water in Transition Springer Publishing, 250 p. January 2015
"Adopting versus adapting:  adoption of water-saving technology versus water conservation habits in Spain", with María de los Ángeles García-Valiñas, article reprinted in The Private Sector and Water Pricing in Efficient Urban Water Management Edited by C. Tortajada, F. González-Gómez, A. K. Biswas, and M. A. García-Rubio, Routledge 212 p., August 2014
“Is the Pricing of Urban Water Services Justifiably Perceived as Unequal among Spanish Cities?” reprinted in Water Policy and Management in Spain, edited by Francisco González-Gómez, Miguel A. García-Rubio and Jorge Guardiola, Routledge – 200 pages, July  2013
“Valuation of the Benefits of Wildlife Tourism in Remote Protected Areas: The Case of Gros Morne” in Angus O'Reilly and Doran Murphy (Eds.) National Parks: Biodiversity, Conservation and Tourism, Nova Publishers, New York, Ch. 11, 181-199, 2010
“Análisis de la demanda de agua en los abastecimientos urbanos: el caso residencial”, with Fernando Arbués-Gracia and María Ángeles García-Valiñas, pp 255-283. Invited chapter for Pablo Campos, José-María Casado and Josefina Maestu (Eds.) "Hacia las cuentas económicas del agua en España" Ediciones del Consejo General de Economistas. Colección Ecos 11. 2006.
 “Estimación y predicción del uso del agua en áreas urbanas. Escenario 2015”, with M. A. García Valiñas, and F. Arbués Gracia,  in J.A. de la Orden Gómez, A. Pérez Zabaleta and J. A. López-Geta (Eds.) El Análisis Económico en la Directiva Marco del Agua: Incidencias e Implicaciones para España, pp. 63-95, Instituto Geológico y Minero de España, Madrid, 2006
“Estimating Water Demand under Increasing Block Tariffs Using Aggregate Data and Proportions of Users per Block” in Pashardes, P. and T. Swanson and A. Xepapadeas (Eds.) Current Issues in the Economics of Water Resource Management: Theory and Policy, Kluwer, Amsterdam, pp. 27-46, 2002
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