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Tim's Toys is organized into eleven sections shown in the text links below and the titles and pictures above. Within every section, there are links to visit reports and/or articles.

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On most pages on the site, you can scroll up or down until you find one of the icons shown below.  If you click the column marching through the dust ("Back to Main Page") or the column of ships ("Return to Port"):

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  • On many pages, you may see simple links such as "Return to WWII Games", for example, (often at the top of a page) that serves the same purpose as one of the icons.

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We are an informal group of friends who wargame the periods shown here. If you are curious, please read the article, What is Miniature Wargaming? You can then view pictures and reports of games played, related subjects and links by navigating the graphic site map above. For more details on how to get around Tim's Toys, see Search & Navigation, above.

All images and narrative on this site are Reserved, Tim's Toys.

With a lot of help from RonK and DaveJ, this site first went on line in February 1998.


If you would like to know more, or even give it a try, contact Tim (note, this email is munged. Please remove SCUMSPAMMER). We'd also love to hear from any local or visiting players in or near the St. John's area. 

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