Sicily, 1943 c1990
Scenario Design - Tim & Dave
German - Dave
Allied - Tim
The battlefieldThe scenario took place in some imaginary valley in Sicily. The Allies had to come in from one end of the valley, take the two small villages in the valley floor and climb to the other side of the valley and take the high ground. Of course, the Germans would be there to resist. This picture is from the German side of the valley, with Tim's tanks leaving their firing positions from the ridge and moving down toward the village. Yes, that's a Corgi metal jeep there, being used as a light truck (in its full colours from the Ant wars).
Infantry stalk each otherThis is a scene in the village to the left of the one shown in the above picture. A reconnaissance force sent forward from the left by Tim has been whacked by a small AT gun in the little green trench at the top of the picture, with the APC buying it on the bridge. Another transport truck which trundled down the road from the other village has also been set alight. US infantry are clearing out the buildings of Germans, one of which can be seen - after heavy contrast adjustment - to the bottom right edge of this picture. Yes, those are paper houses with an Atlas suburban building and another house consisting of two Matchbox Panzer II dioramas joined together. The truck is Hasegawa and the APC is an Airfix M-3, with a German Matchbox Hanomag coming out of the woods. There's another AT position just below the edge of this picture at the river bank. The visible infantryman is a US infantryman from Matchbox; the German is Airfix.
Final battle on the hill A view from the Allied side of the valley showing the development of the final battle at the hill top. A viscous hand to hand battle is taking place in the woods at the cliff top of the valley while US and British forces stream up the hill to the left to engage Germans.
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