Angriff was the first set of rules we ever purchased, some time back in the mid 70s.  Of course, as was our usual approach at the time, we ended up writing our own rules, based on Angriff (not least because we could not, at the time, figure out the "tray" system, having never used stands or anything other than individual figures firing at each other...).  The thing we liked and used most was the AFV combat tables, a armour thickness versus weapon penetration approach.  Later, in the late 80s when we were getting back into wargaming after a 7 year hiatus, the Angriff tables served as a basic building block and when I did my own research for armour and penetration values, they served as my model.  I've since changed this approach with our Crossfire armour house rules.

I've received a number of emails and seen nostalgic posts on the rec.games.miniatures.historical usenet group about Angriff, which prompted me to post a few pages of the rules on my site, for, of course, nostalgia!  I understand this is breaking copyright, but I've been careful to not to post the whole rules.  Of course, should the authors ever object, I'll pull this stuff down immediately.  Once again, I have this stuff here for nostalgia purposes...

We have two copies of the rules left, but nether are for sale.

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