Flak 36 Gun Crews (for Crossfire)

See my blurb on base sizes in the page on the Pak 40 Crews.  In this case, because of the extra crew required for these large guns, I've based 4 to a stand.

The gun models are both Airfix, a little worse for the wear having been constructed in the mid 70s, but repainted and dry brushed up a bit. 

From left to right:

The crew commander is a Revell German engineer figure, one of the ones holding a pick ax above his head.  The pick has been cut away and his right hand lowered.  I meant to find or make a pair of binoculars for him, but in my rush to get these guys ready for CF Competition II, I forgot all about it!

The fellow holding the HE shell (yellow round, silver tip for fuse setting, the fuse setter being on the left side of the gun - I learned that years ago making the Tamiya 1:35 88 - Tamiya has the most informative directions - but only realized what a fuse in an HE shell does when I started firing the bastards for real, years later) is from the same Revell pack as the commander.  He was the fellow with his hands up, meant to be carrying one end of a set of planks or 4 by 4s.  His arms were changed a bit.

Next, the fellow to the right of the loader is cracking open a box of ammunition.  Once again, from the Revell engineer kit, this is the fellow crouching and holding a shovel.  Shovel replaced by the ammo box lid.

Finally, the gunner is the other member of the Revell engineer 2 man team carrying the planks.  He has been used here unchanged as the position of his hands might indicate a gunner's hands, I think.

Another view of the same gun crew.  The shell cartridges and empty casings here are spares taken from the excellent Fujimi King Tiger, Porshe turret, the empty casings having been drilled out.  The ammunition crates are all from balsa wood with small plastic strips for the metal reinforcing bands on these wooden boxes.

The second crew, from left to right:

The commander/observer is an unmodified Matchbox figure.

The loader, slamming the AP round home, is another Revell engineer: yes, one of the fellows carrying the planks, with hands slightly modified.

The ammo handler on the left side of the gun by himself is an Airfix Mountain Troop fellow with a pick ax - the pick has been cut away and replaced with an HE round.

Finally, the gunner should look familiar to anyone who has constructed a Matchbox Hanomag!


A left side view of the same crew as above.