WWII 20mm Wargaming Display at Hobby Show 2000
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WWII Wargaming

Click on any picture below to get a full size view!  See below for details on the minatures used.
 The display this year was run by Tim Marshall using his terrain, model vehicles and figures.  The scale was mixed 1/72 and 1/76 or what is often called in the wargaming world "20mm".  Unlike last year, no demo game was played - this was a static display of late war Germans versus US forces in Europe.

Miniatures (built from the box where not specified) & Terrain
Hills April Marshall, Pink styrofoam, plaster, flocking & foilage  Roads styrofoam, heat formed & painted
Abandoned Cabin April Marshall , Woodland Scenics pewter  Buildings in Town Vero HO railway buildings
River - April Marshall, stain glass paint peeled from leading
German Miniatures
Tiger II (Henschel turret)  - Fujimi, some minor detail added (2) Tiger II (Porsche turret) Fujimi, minor detailing (1) Marder III ESCI, gun crew converted from various figures, minor detailing (2)
Hanomag SDKFZ 251/1 Ausf C ESCI, built from the box (1) Panzer IVH ESCI, minor detailing (1, destroyed in display) German Troops Airfix, Matchbox, Revell
Sturmtiger Airfix Tiger I with scratchbuilt superstructure, removable and interchangeable with Tiger turret (1) Kubelwagon Fujimi, officer added Schwimmwagon Fujimi, passenger added
 US Miniatures
Sherman, HVSS (105mm) Fujimi, detailing added (2) P-47D Thunderbolt Hasegawa (1 dark plane) & Academy (1 lighter in colour) M-36 tank destroyer Fujimi, with details and corrections added (1)
Sherman, 75mm ESCI, minor detailing (3) M-3 Half-track APC Airfix (3) & Hasegawa (2) M-16 Quad AA Matchbox (1)
2 ½ Ton Truck Hasegawa (1) 57mm AT Gun scratchbuilt (1) White Scout Car ESCI (1)
Jeep Matchbox (1)  US Troops Matchbox, Airfix
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