1:76 Scale FT-17 from Plastic Card

I needed more FT-17s for a Torch game I was planning.  Matchbox makes a really nice one, although with an octagonal turret (my understanding is that the round turret was far more common?).  But it comes in a larger, expensive, double kit with the Char B1bis.  I already had 4 of these Char B1bis, though, unfortunately I'd lost two of the FT-17s some years ago.  Although I like the Char B1 kit a lot, I really did not want another 4 of them, even though I really wanted 4 more FT-17s!  I thus figured since the FT-17 has very few curves, it would be a relatively simple project. 

I used the "surviving" FT-17 models as my main reference, along with some good pictures from various books.  Here all 6 FT-17s, the two Matchbox kits and the four scratch-builts, socialize.

Everything, including the tracks are made from plastic card, dowels/rods.

More shots of the scratch-built tanks.

The underside of one of the tanks.  The cylindrical piece of red plastic is used as a "stiffener" so the otherwise fragile sides of the models can withstand handling during games.