1:76 Universal Carrier

In 1991, I was preparing to run a demo game at Cangames 91 in Ottawa and I desperately needed more universal carriers for a small recce force in my scenario, "3rd Canadian Division at Falaise".  ESCI kits were available, but relatively expensive and being the eternal cheap bugger, I figured these would be easy.  They weren't that hard and were my first attempt at scratch building anything.

The three scratch built vehicles are shown here with the Airfix kit that I based them all on in the upper left of this picture.

Various accouterments were scavenged from my bits box for individual vehicles.

The wheels are melted plastic pressed out to create a disk and the tracks are simply strips of plastic card.  I added skirts to hide the detail of the running gear I could not do at the time.

A view of the underside of one of the carriers.