Britain & Europe in the 20th Century:

War, Reconstruction and the European Union

For students working toward a B.Sc., a BBA, a B.Comm. (Co-op) or a BA

Spend a semester at
Memorial's Campus at Harlow.


You wish to broaden your horizons through travel.

You'd like to visit Brussels, Beaumont Hamel, and/OR other destinations.

You want to know more about the art, films, literature, and architecture of modern Europe.

You want to explore how and why the nations of Europe formed a union.

You wonder why the Euro came into general us

“Why should there not be a European group
which could give a sense of enlarged patriotism?”
-Winston Churchill in Zurich, September 19, 1946

Course topics may include the following:





The Harlow Semester is a joint undertaking between Memorial's 

Department of Political Science and Department of History


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