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Note: The RTF (Rich Text Format) files are formatted files which may be downloaded and converted by any word-processor to printable form.

Complete text

NOTE: This is the text of all the FAQs and all the supplements, together with a detailed table of contents, saved as a single document in RTF (Rich Text Format). It runs to over 150 pages when printed. It is available in .zip form (188K) or as a raw RTF document (810K). Macintosh users who are unable to read .zip files can obtain ZipIt 1.3.8 from the usual software archives (click to download it from the Info-Mac HyperArchive at MIT). The Table of Contents and Preface document contains the text of all the questions contained in the various FAQs.

The "Micro-FAQ" contains all the basics of the FAQs, reduced to only 12 pp. An excellent place for new coaches and parents to begin.

Table of Contents and Preface (152K)
Complete RTF document (810K)
Complete .zip document (195K)
Micro-FAQ (the essentials in only 12 pp!) (85K)

FAQs on individual Laws (RTF format)

Law 1 (26K)
Law 2 (19K)
Law 3 (23K)
Law 4 (28K)
Law 5 (48K)
Law 6 (19K)
Law 7 (40K)
Law 8 (34K)
Law 9 (23K)
Law 10 (17K)
Law 11 (50K)
Law 12 (120K)
Law 13 (25K)
Law 14 (22K)
Law 15 (23K)
Law 16 (18K)
Law 17 (17K)

Supplements (RTF format)

"Law 18" (Spirit of the Game) (19K)
Kicks from the Penalty Mark (21K)
The Goalkeeper and the Laws (46K)
Comprehensive Table of Restarts (81K)
Modifications to the LOTG for Youth Players (20K)
Glossary of Soccer Terms (52K)

Other files (RTF format)

Coach's 'cheat sheet' (a quick 2-page summary of the Laws) (20K)
Coach's Guide to Injuries (like the 'cheat sheet', this is a quick 2-page summary of common injuries and how to react to them) (14K)

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