Department of Biochemistry

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Lab: SN-4017/4019

Office: SN-3013

232 Elizabeth Ave

St. John's, NL     A1B 3X9

Lab phone: (709) 864-4429

Office phone (709) 864-8550

Convocation week Oct 2017!

Good luck to recent graduates from the Christian lab.

Congrations to D. Craig Ayre- PhD with distinction!

Congratulations to Viswanathan Swaminathan- MSc.

Our latest research is now online:

Ayre, D.C., Chute, I.C., Joy, A.P., Barnett, D.A., Hogan, A.M., Grüll, M.P., Peña-Castillo, L., Lang, A.S., Lewis, S.M., and Christian, S.L. (2017). CD24 induces changes to the surface receptors of B cell microvesicles with variable effects on their RNA and protein cargo. Scientific Reports 7, 8642.

     This is a collaborative effort to characterize microvesicles secreted by B cells at the protein and RNA cargo level and comparing the surface protein of both cells and microvesicles.