Class schedule Fall 2017

LING 1104 - Introduction to Linguistic Analysis: Phonology
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 1:00 - 1:50
This course is an introduction of the study of sound patterning in human languages.  Basic empirical and theoretical issues in phonology are demonstrated through the analysis of data selected from English and other languages.  Theoretical concepts surveyed include phonological features and contrasts and syllable structure.  These are examined through the study of allophony, allomorphy, and processes such as assimilation and neutralization.

LING 3201 - Phonological Theory
Tuesday, Thursday 10:30 - 11:45
This course presents terms, concepts, and methods of studying phonological representations and phonological processes.  Topics include segmental and prosodic aspects of phonological patterning, including stress, tone, and harmony systems.  The course also addresses challenges posed by transparent and opaque interactions between different components of phonological systems.  These concepts are exemplified using phenomena observed across natural languages.  The course also introduces the basics of constraint-based approaches to phonological theory. Prerequisite: LING 1104 

LING 3104 - Phonetics
Tuesday, Thursday 2:00 - 3:15
This course provides a thorough grounding in pronouncing, transcribing and acoustically analyzing the sounds of the world's languages. Material covered includes study of the vocal anatomy, phonetic transcription of speech data from both English and a variety of the world's languages, as well as basic concepts of acoustic analysis and speech perception.  This involves the close examination of data from many of the world's languages, which illustrates how widely languages can differ in their selection and organization of speech sounds. Prerequisite: LING 1100

Courses previously taught at MUN

LING 1100 - Introduction to Linguistics
LING 3500 - Historical Linguistics
LING 4201 - Advanced Phonology
LING 4700 - Experimental Phonetics
LING 7000 - Analytic Issues in Linguistics