Dr. Craig F. Purchase

Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes

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Academic synopsis

Memorial University

        Associate Professor of Biology & Ocean Sciences

        Fish Evolutionary Ecology Research Group

        Cognitive & Behavioural Ecology Graduate Program

        Environmental Science Graduate Program

Assistant Professor, Memorial University

NSERC Visiting Fellow,

Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre 

Research Scientist,

Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Lecturer, Saint Mary’s University

Sessional Instructor, Dalhousie University

NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow, Dalhousie University

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Toronto

Master of Science, Memorial University

Bachelor of Science (Honours), Memorial University


Other appointments

President, Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research

Dobbin Scholar, Ireland Canada University Foundation

Board of Editors, Northeastern Naturalist

COSEWIC Marine Fishes Specialist Subcommittee

Chair of the Board of Directors,

Protected Areas Association of Newfoundland & Labrador

Centre for Marine Biodiversity

Twitter: @CraigPurchase




November 2015

·         Paper by former MSc student Corey Clarke has been accepted by the journal Animal Conservation. It is titled “Life-long and carry-over effects of early captive exposure in Atlantic salmon”, and was done in Fundy National Park.

·         Craig gave an invited seminar at the University of Manitoba on Nov 6 called “Gamete plasticity under environmental perturbation”

·         Former postdoc Laura Weir and Craig submitted a paper called “Subtle natural water chemistry induces sperm plasticity in a stream spawning fish” to the Journal of Evolutionary Biology

·         Craig was interviewed twice by the CBC to discuss the effects of breeding between farmed and wild salmon, and factors influencing recruitment in capelin


October 2015

·         Welcome to Tanner Stein, who joined the group as a new MUCEP student

·         Brendan, Craig and Ian Fleming have submitted a paper to Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries called ”In search of a cultured fish phenotype: a systematic review, meta-analysis and vote counting analysis”

·         Craig has been asked to give the monthly public lecture for Nature NL. He will talk on Oct 15 on “Weird sex: the unusual morphology, behaviour and gametes of capelin”


September 2015

·         Paper by Wringe, Fleming and Purchase entitled “The spawning success of cultured and wild male Atlantic cod does not differ during paired contests” has been published in the Marine Ecology Progress Series.

·         Paper by Brendan entitled “Rapid morphological divergence of cultured Atlantic cod of the northwest Atlantic from their source population” has been published in Aquaculture Environment Interactions

·         Craig gave an invited talk entitled “The future of salmon in our rivers” to the AGM of the Northeast Avalon Atlantic Coastal Action Program.

·         Welcome to Louis Charron, who joins our group as a Science Technician. He is funded by the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation.

·         Craig has been asked to speak about salmon ecology at a Nature Conservancy of Canada event in spring 2016


August 2015

·         Grant entitled “Impacts of crude oil and dispersants on capelin reproductive performance” has been funded by the National Contaminants Advisory Group of DFO. Work will being in summer 2016.


July 2015

·         Capelin spawning has begun and Craig is giving public Q&A sessions on reproduction for Nature NL. Follow twitter for updates

·         Paper by Beirão, Purchase, Wringe, & Fleming entitled “Inter-population ovarian fluid variation differentially modulates sperm motility in Atlantic cod” has been published by the Journal of Fish Biology.


June 2015

·         Heather presented a paper titled “Investigations of hatch and emergence time, size and growth rates of young of the year charr among fjord rivers in northern Labrador, Canada” to the 8th International Charr Symposium in Tromso, Norway

·         Paper by former MSc student Lucas Warner entitled “Seasonal variation in estuarine habitat use by native Atlantic salmon and invasive brown trout in southeast Newfoundland” has been published in Northeastern Naturalist


April 2015

·         Received news that the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation is funding a grant proposal that Craig submitted entitled “Incubation sensitivity to winter temperatures in four DUs of Atlantic salmon in Canada”. This work will begin in 2016.

·         Brittany presented a paper titled “Does marine growth influence age at maturity in Atlantic salmon” to the NoWPaS salmon research network meeting in Galway Ireland