Dr. Craig F. Purchase

Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes

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Academic synopsis

Memorial University

        Associate Professor of Biology & Ocean Sciences

        Fish Evolutionary Ecology Research Group

        Cognitive & Behavioural Ecology Graduate Program

        Environmental Science Graduate Program

Assistant Professor, Memorial University

NSERC Visiting Fellow,

Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Centre 

Research Scientist,

Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Lecturer, Saint Mary’s University

Sessional Instructor, Dalhousie University

NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow, Dalhousie University

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Toronto

Master of Science, Memorial University

Bachelor of Science (Honours), Memorial University


Other appointments

President, Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research

Dobbin Scholar, Ireland Canada University Foundation

Board of Editors, Northeastern Naturalist

COSEWIC Marine Fishes Specialist Subcommittee

Chair of the Board of Directors,

Protected Areas Association of Newfoundland & Labrador

Centre for Marine Biodiversity

Twitter: @CraigPurchase





February 2015

·         Craig has been elected to the Memorial University Senate for a 3 year term

·         Craig was interviewed by the Fisheries Broadcast (oldest continuing radio show in Canada) regarding some of our salmon research in Newfoundland and Ireland. The interview is in the 10:19-21:25 time window of the Feb 10 podcast http://www.cbc.ca/radio/podcasts/newfoundland-and-labrador/nl-fisheries-broadcast/

·         Paper by former MSc student Lucas Warner entitled “Seasonal variation in estuarine habitat use by native Atlantic salmon and invasive brown trout in southeast Newfoundland” has been accepted in Northeastern Naturalist

·         Craig is an invited expert for the DFO Regional Science Advisory Process on capelin happening Feb 3

·         Welcome to Brianna King, Tasmia Zahin and Justin Strong who join our group as undergraduate research assistants for the winter semester


January 2015

·         Craig is the 68th President of the Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research. This year’s annually meeting runs January 8-11 in Ottawa

·         Brendan is presenting some of his PhD research in the “Aquaculture and its impacts on aquatic environments” session at CCFFR. The session is jointly chaired by Craig and Trevor Pitcher (University of Windsor)


December 2014

·         Craig spent 2 weeks in Ireland as a Dobbin Scholar of the Ireland Canada University Foundation. PhD student Brittany Palm is now at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology for 5 months to conduct a research project on salmon.

·         News piece about our salmon research was published in the Atlantic Salmon Federation Journal


November 2014

·         Lots of salmon spawning work was done with the Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland. About 125,000 eggs are now incubating in the city rivers.


September 2014

·         Congrats to Olivia Puckrin on passing her MSc thesis examination

·         Welcome to Sean Chilibeck, a Conservation Corps Intern who is working with our team this fall

·         Paper by Jeremy Mitchell and Craig on rapid colonization of a species at risk has been published in Northeastern Naturalist

·         Welcome to Brittany Palm who is a new PhD student working on Atlantic salmon ecology & conservation; through collaboration with the Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland via the NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship program

·         Welcome to Sun Zeyu who is a new Master of Environmental Science student with our group


June 2014

·         Craig has been named a Dobbin Scholar by the Ireland Canada University Foundation. He will visit Galway and Mayo this fall to instigate collaborative research projects on wild Atlantic salmon.


May 2014

·         Craig presented research on capelin sperm behaviour at the Genomes to Biomes meeting in Montreal. Over 900 people attended the joint conference between CSEE, CSZ, and SCL.


April 2014

·         Congrats to honours student Aline, who has won a MUN Science Undergraduate Research Award (functionally equivalent to a NSERC USRA)

·         Paper by postdoc Jose Beirão on cod sperm plasticity to ovarian fluids of wild and farmed fish has been published in Aquaculture Environment Interactions 5: 61-70.

·         Video describing the Rennie’s River salmon reintroduction project has been posted on youtube. link

·         Congrats to Heather who successfully passed her PhD comprehensive exam on April 8

·         Welcome to Dr. Mehmet Kocabas, who has arrived for a 12 month postdoctoral fellowship with our team.

·         Congrats to Violaine Pemberton-Renaud who has won a NSERC USRA and will be beginning honours research with us this summer.