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This course provides an in-depth examination of the religious themes and issues arising from and within the Disney franchise, including Disney Animated feature films, other Disney films and cartoons, and the Disney theme parks.   The course will explore the religious convictions of Walt Disney himself, and the impact of his philosophies on the Disney franchise. Theoretical models drawn from the field Religion and Popular Culture will provide the lens through which the religious themes present within Disney films, the reaction of the religious right to Disney via a study of the Disney Boycott, and the religious dimensions of Disney fandom will be explored.  

Click here to download a copy of the Religion and Disney (Religious Studies 3812) course syllabus in .pdf format.

Students in the Religion and Disney course have a choice of assignments. Below you will find research websites designed by students in previous semesters of Religion and Disney course, and a link to our Disney and Religion fan video page, with videos created by students in the course. Research essays by students are unfortunately not available online.

Sample Video Assignment - click image to watch

Sample Video commentary: This fan vid represents a video response to a several things, including 1) feminist-inspired interpretations of Mulan, that argue that while Disney's Mulan is more complex than some Disney representations of women, she nonetheless ultimately reinforces "the patriarchal status quo"... and 2) comments made by a Christian movie reviewer posted here, which read in part... READ MORE

Click here to visit the Disney Fan Video Page to see many more student-made fan videos!

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