Implicit Religion (From Elvis to the Undertaker - Religion Outside the Box)

This course begins with the question of whether it is possible to find religion in non-religious places.  What does the term “religion” mean?  Does religion always and only have to be found in a church/mosque/temple?  Or can it be found in other so-called “secular” places?  Is Hockey a religion?  Are visits to Graceland or Star Trek conventions a modern form of pilgrimage?  Are Raves an urban expression of religious transcendence and healing?  This course will explore the concept of “implicit religion” using these and other examples.  Key theorists of religious studies concepts will be introduced and their ideas explored and applied to the examples covered in class. Note: A request to change the title of this course from "Implicit Religion" to "From Elvis to the Undertaker - Religion Outside the Box" has been submitted to Faculty Council - stay tuned to find out if the title change is approved!

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