VO1NA on 630 Metres (472-479 kHz)
(Formerly the MRCN VX9MRC 500 kHz Experiment)
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

The now surplus and notorious VX9MRC 600/630m 100 watt class E transmitter recommissioned for amateur service from the developmental service.


29 March. 12 WPM Beacon 477.7 kHz 25 watts to monopole. Reports from PA0RDT, VO1FOG in Coleys Pt. and heard in Whitbourne. 40 watts. 5 Apr. off the air. More reports from PA0RDT. Thanks!

February: 40 watts to the monopole. 12 WPM CW 477.7 kHz.
2nd: Email from G0MRF who 'awoke at 5 am for reasons unknown' and had a listen after seeing the spectrogram. A lovely copy was attached.
14th: VO1UL 557 report at 9:30 pm but not hearing it during the daytime. 15th W1TAG: QSB but clear on peaks in central MA. (Icom r75 and ext. 300 Hz af filter). Sal, K1RGO QSB and vy weak copy at 0218 0253. 21-22nd. Good copy of QRSS10 by Nicolas F4DTL and Roelof Pa0RDT early in night. 24th. Partial reception around 0200 by Sal K1RGO.

January. Several runs of OP8 on 478.477 and CW on 477.7. 31st: Email from Joe VO1BQ: '599 on my Mag Loop, 559 on my HF9v vert.' VO1VCE: Heard it several times (in Goulds). 3rd: VO1UL (QRA 500km) "very clear: gud sig" but conditions poor 80 metres for local work. PA0RDT: good but variable on 8th, poorer on 9th.


December. Report from Domenico IZ7SLZ of Opera transmisions last night. This was Domenico's first OP reception of the sigs. 40 watts to the big RL. 2nd: reported online by: PA0RDT G0LUJ TF3HZ KA9CFD KU4XR IZ7SLZ G0NBD and F4DTL . 4th: EA5DOM-1 KA9CFD G6AVK KU4XR F5NCF G0NBD PA0RDT TF3HZ SM2DJK. CW operation 477.7 kHz. 6th: Clear copy in Argentia 14th. Report from Ken 'swl/k9'. Opera again tonight 40 watts to big RL. 15th. PSK reporter results: PA0RDT PA3ABK SWL/K9 G0NBD 15th evening until 2359 ut: LA3EQ G0LUJ PA0RDT EA5DOM-1 G6AVKG0NBD 30th. CW beacon 477.7.

November. Opera transmissions on 18-19 copied by ka9cfd, ku4xr,g0luj and pa0rdt. 40 watts to the big RL (100m x 20m mean height) 19-21: (Unique) reports from http://spots.microwavers.es/index.php

October: 2 Oct. Roelof gets near aural recepion as conditions improve following dst drop. 3rd. QRSS10. PA0RDT reports 3rd, good 4th better with dawn enhancement. F4DTL also sends a trace of the QRSS10 as recived on an icom and mw. 6: K3SIW gets trace on QRSS3 in deep fades. 7: F6CNI F5WK F4DTL PA0RDT report strong sigs. 8: F4DTL and PA0RDT: strong sigs. Roelof also hears JT (stephenville) and LT (alert) 9,10th strong sigs reported by PA0RDT. Switch back to 12 WPM CW. VO1UL reports very clear sigs in St Anthony and relays them back by landline. Stefan's copy on the 10th 11th.Power now 12 watts.
27 Oct. 00ut several CQ calls but nil. 12 WPM CW beacon every min/2.

15 September Beacon on for American listeners for whom this and 2200m will be available in a month. 40 watts to the re-erected big RL. Report received from PA0RDT of aural reception and strong sigs on the linrad spectrogram following poor condx. 17-18th Report and ARGO plot from Ian G4GIR showing clear traces at 0200 with the correct 15 second periods but no dits and dahs could be resolved in the QRSS3 window. Ian's Spectrogram Roelof says conditions were poorer tonight. 20th increased power to 80 watts. Report from Roelof 21st weak, 22 aural in morning. 23rd. Roelof has audible reception in linrad 10Hz bandwidth. 24-25 Aural copy at PA0RDT in improving conditions. 26 John W1TAG reports 569 from Maine. 27: Conditions continue to improve. Ian G4GIR gets his best argo copy (clear elements) and Roelof posts a strong linrad copy, but notes a drop in the dst.

August. Continuing with 14 watts 10 WPM CW to the monopole. received at various locations in Bonavista Bay with portable RX/miniwhip.

20 July. 25 watts from the MKII QRSS10 to monopole. 27th Roelof gets a good copy of the QRSS10 after monitoring for several days. Now 10 WPM CW at 14 watts using the original TX with 18V B+. Nice aural copy by John w1tag 0045 28 Jul.

7 April: The 630TX Mk II is commissioned. QRV with 25+ watts output (17V 2A DC) QRSS10 to the monopole. Readable sigs at PA0RDT at 0230. Roelof could detect sigs from 0000-0530. There was a fade 0320 until another peak at 0420. 10th. Aural copy ~2345 by PA0RDT. Report and captures from DF2JP. 12th. Another aural in 20 Hz by PA0RDT. Opera8 for the 13-14th. 14 apr 2017
F6CNI 4062 km 04:31:23
PA3ABK 4056 km 04:30:17
PA7EY 4044 km 04:30:18
PA0RDT 3994 km 05:15:18
G6AVK 3792 km 05:15:20
G0LUJ 3500 km 05:00:20
KU4XR 2882 km 08:15:32
KA1LM 1620 km 08:30:19
15 apr 2017
KA1LM 1620 km 05:45:02
PA0RDT 3994 km 05:00:02
F5WK 4026 km 05:00:01
G6AVK 3792 km 04:45:03
PA7EY 4044 km 04:45:01
F6CNI 4062 km 04:31:07
PA1SDB 4150 km 04:14:46
LA3EQ 3973 km 03:30:01
16,17 QRV again. 20 Apr. report from pa0rdt, poor condx, weak peak around 0300. Not audible. 22 Apr. Monopole is iced and the new TX draws lots of current when keyed, violently pegging the 5A ammeter. Traces of dot 10 from DF2JP seen on 476.165 kHz.

31 March - 2 April. QRSS10 10-20 watts monopole. Reports from PA0RDT, DL2JP and VA3VVV.

05 Feb 2017 dxsummit spot from ve2pep 477.7 kHz 0500 ut 529.

4 Feb. VE7SL 2nd ANNUAL WINTER 630m ACTIVITY NIGHT TX 477.7 kHz, QSX 3525.5 kHz. Open for crossband QSO's 2130 (4 Feb.)-0130 (5 Feb.) UTC. Beacon 0130-1000 UTC. 02 Feb: Roelof's spectrum at 0400

and the corresponding audio clip Conditions were very good at times but variable as seen from his linrad plot.

22 Jan. 50 watts dot 10 ad9850/tc4426/irfp250 class e/big rl. 25th. QRSS10 seen at EA5DOM, DK7FC tree with some traces and qrm at DF2JP. QRT for ice storm. Tried feeding a bit of RF to the lowered aerial. PA0RDT picked up the 10 watt sig and again on the 27th and 28th with 50 watts to the raised wire. 28,30th 10 WPM with reports of good sigs from Roelof. 30th. 10 WPM again. 50 watts to the big RL.


12/13 November 2016. ANNUAL FALL 630m ACTIVITY NIGHT: coordinated by Steve VE7SL. Scheduled operation: QRV 12 Nov 2130-13 Nov 0130utc. TX 477.7 QSX 3562. Several other Canadian stations will be on. A loose connection in the B+ meant a delay of 5 mins until QRV on the air. QRV 2135 (6:05 NST) running 50 watts to the big RL. 6 QSOs including one 2xCW on 630m with PE5T. Remainder were crossband, listening on 80. The PE5T Q was the is first TA from this station since the 630 was authorised to all Canadian amateurs in 2014. Frank VO1HP worked PE5T by listening on 475.2 and transmitting on 3562. In the log: VO1AKA N1BUG PE5T VO1DI VO1HP and W3LPL with reports ranging from 519 to 599. Also heard the YWA ndb on 517, wg2xka on 472 and wg2xiq on 474. Reports: DL3ZID (best QRSS3 at 0240 on Spectrumlab) OZ6AQ (529) F6CNI(barely perceptible). No cpi in noise at k1rgo.
26th QRSS QSO PARTY: Nothing received here on QRSS3, but QRSS3 transmissions every 10 minutes (50 watts to the big RL) were reported by f6cni df2jp and df6nm. A hardware clean-up is underway in the shack.

Oct. 21-22 CW beacon. 20 watts to big RL. 569 in Whitbourne, 559 in Dunville. 23-24th 40 watts CW. Clear reception of QRSS3 and carrier using remote reception at DF2JP site. Signals were almost audible. PA0RDT spectrogram shows good reception 2200-0100 with Roelof reporting audible sigs. 25th. QRSS3 clear on DF2JP streamer and aural reception again at PA0RDT. 26-27 A=48 K=5. Nil at DF2JP: Joe sends a magnetogram showing a strong dip in the field. Poor reception at PA0RDT although better than a NDB in NS when the QRN subsided in the morning. Local reports VO1DI solid, VO1LM (27th, 429) VO1UL and VO1VCE nil. 27-28. Roelof notes a slight improvment in sigs but QRN is preventing aural reception. 519 at VO1AKA. 28-29. Conditions remain depressed. QRT for a while.

01 June PA0RDT reports stronger sigs from VO than I. TX on again 2208 utc 20 watts to the big RL. 18 June. Excellent copies at pa0rdt (0020-0330) and on the garden grabber of DK7FC, though 2 Hz high. ( 30 watts to the big rl, QRSS10) 19 Jun. 20 watts to the big RL. Good copy by PA0RDT, DF2JP and DK7FC, 19 Jun PM. 5 WPM Beacon copied 339 by Dave VO1LM. No copy at PA0RDT 20 Jun. VO1DV reports S6 signal strong and readable. DF2JP (red pitaya,hdsdr) and PA0RDT (perseus, linrad, and miniwhip) copy the sigs. 22: DF2JP gets traces. PA0RDT gets an audible copy in 5 kHz bw. 22-23 Jun 5 WPM and 10s carrier for comparison of aerials. 24 June Registered at "www.472kHz.org".

28 May. 20 watts to the big RL. QRSS10 477.7 kHz. DK7FC : sigs too weak for detection. PA0RDT: strong reception in heavy QRN but not audible. 29 th. PA0RDT and DK7FC report weaker sigs.
01 March: EbNaut 30 Watts 477.7 kHz 8K19A 10 Chars, 752 1-s symbols. 02 DF6NM copies 6 frames. A new record for 630m EbNaut! Congrats Paul and Markus.
Wed. 2016-03-02
start car. sym. offs.
UT dB dB mHz
00:00 2.5 1.6 -3
00:30 2.2 0.8 0
01:00 2.1 0.8 -2
01:30 0.8 0.0 -1
02:00 nil 0
02:30 nil 0
03:00 3.3 2.5 -1
03:30 3.4 3.0 -1
04:00 nil +1
04:30 nil 0 02-03 2 S symbols. df6NM's reception;
start car. sym. offs.
UT dB dB mHz
23:30 11.9 7.9 0
00:00 12.9 10.0 -1.5
00:30 16.1 13.6 -1.5
01:00 11.6 8.3 -1
01:30 16.9 14.2 -0.6
02:00 10.7 8.3 -0.6
02:30 17.9 14.4 -0.6
03:00 14.1 10.8 -0.6
03:30 5.7 4.4 -0.8
04:00 5.2 5.1 -0.8
04:30 3.6 4.0 -0.8
Also PA0RDT reported strong sigs. Audible.
3-4 March. Very stong sigs at PA0RDT and DF6NM reported a decode of the message "G. MARCONI" as a result of his analysis of singals received at IZ7SLZ.
4-5 March. PA0RDT gets another fine copy.

And a very clear aural reception And if the first one doesn't get through, try them all at once. Markus does a remarkable superimposition.

He writes: " ...carrier trace was quite narrow so conditions were stable again last night. Weak sidelines at +- 4.16 Hz corresponding to the dot rate were also visible. Unlike Roelof, I have no chance of actually hearing your CW message here. So I made an attempt to bring it out of the noise using coherent averaging. The saved data files from 23 to 6 UT were assembled into one large array. Then the phase evolution of the AM carrier was estimated and used for synchroneous demodulation (just like in opds). Thus the modulation appears in the in-phase baseband component, allowing coherent averaging of multiple m essage repeats. From the sidelines I knew the dot duration, but I had to use trial and er ror to find the message length. In the end, a cycle of 208 dotlengths (25.0 0228 s) and 1126 averages turned up an easily readable fast-CW decode, show n in the attached screenshot (black =3D in-phase, cyan =3D quadrature). "
6-7th. Poor reception at DF2JP of the 10 WPM CW. The DST had taken a 100 point dip. 7-8 CW 10 WPM 40 watts to the 100m RL at 18m. VO1UL reports weak sigs.

The minmiwhip (VLF-HF E field antenna) celebrates its 10th birthday. It was designed by Roelof who used his miniwhip in a hawthorn tree to show how reception of CW signals on 477.7 kHz varied over the past week. TNX to VE3OT for some bits used to assemble the MW. -- 27,28 mar. 30 watts to the rl. 27th fair copy by pa0rdt. 29th better copy. 30th. A strong peak in the morning 0430-0530 near sunrise seen at PA0RDT who reported audible signals. 30. Not quite as good but audible, reports PA0RTD. 31st. 10 WPM and QRSS3.

6,7 Feb 2016. First Annual Mid-Winter 630m Activity Event (TNX to Steve VE7SL) QRV CW 477.7 kHz QSX 3.562 kHz 2130-0130, QRSS3/12 WPM beacon 0130-1000 UTC. QSOs: N1CGP VO1BQ VO1FOG and a dozen reports from VO stations. VE7SL received a report from K7CW of audible reception on the west coast at 0219UTC.
14-16Feb EbNaut 477.700 8K19A 1 S chars 20 watts to monopole. RL is on gnd thanks to Mother Nature. No characters copied by DF6NM nor IZ7SLZ. Markus says phase stability is not good for EbNaut MF. at least for the 1 s symbols. A couple of strong copies at PA0RDT but generally very weak. 17th-20th QRSS30 20th 2100 utc RL up again. 30 watts EbNaut 8K19A Not the slightest trace at DF6NM. 21-22nd. Good at times at PA0RDT but nil at DF6NM.

PA0RDT using a miniwhip in a hawthorn tree to capture sigs on 22 Feb.
24-25th. 10 WPM CW copied by Roelof. Good reception over the night. 25th. Good copy by Roelof and detection by Markus DF6NM. 26th Early detection by DF6NM but weaker than last night at PA0RDT. -- January 2016
Sked request from G0MRF and good excuse to check out the 630m stuff. First the tower wouldn't accept RF. Evidently the 100m rotated L (15m average H) was mucking up its impedance. Tried the RL with a few dozen 3" turns of 2 mm insulated wire. Min SWR (under 1.5:1) and 0.75 amps at 20 watts. Set back power supply variac to give 10 watts. 12 WPM sigs were received in Markland QRB 68 km. Crank up the variac for QSO attempt with G0MRF/p 50 watts to a 100m rotated L at 15m average height. No QSO but traces of signals received both ways. WA3ETD reported reception on this side of the pond at 0154. NL reception of Joe's callsign transmitted by Dave And overseas, Dave receives his callsign transmitted from here
3rd. QRSS3 beacon 50 watts.
4th QRSS beacon 30 watts for fear of fried fet! Clear spectrograms received from PA0RDT and DF2JP. Thanks !

14-16 Jan 2016. 30 watts to monopole. reports and spectrograms qrss from F1AFJ F4DTL and PA0RDT. 16-17th CW 30 10 WPM 30 watts to the unloaded monopole. Capture by F1AFJ. 28-30 Jan. QRSS3 sigs clearly received at W1VD PA0RDT. 30-31 Jan. Captures from PA0RDT and F1AFJ. Ebnaut request from IZ7SLZ. 31Jan-01 Feb. Ebnaut 75 chars K19A 1936 symbols 387.2 seconds 10 watts continuous carrier. The GPIO pin for QRSS is also used for a pi phase shift! Shoddy! 1-2 Feb 2015. DF6NM and IZ7SLZ tried to get the ebnaut, but no luck. Tonight ran 20 watts with 8K19A and 1 s symbols. The carrier was clearly received at F1AFJ with much QSB and audible at times at P0RDT.

1st Annual Midwinter 630metre activity night. Crossband 80/630m QSO's: N1CGP VO1FOG and VO1BQ. Reports: DF6NM PA0RDT(aural) VO1UL(vy weak) VO1SR(s6-8) VO1IRA, VO1DV(s6) VO1FJS (10dB/s9) VO1FOG(10dB/noise) VO1JA(nil) VO1KBN(nil) VO1UL(better in evening than this morning [5 Feb]) VO1VCE(copy) VO2ET(clear copy) VO1YR(Q5 at S3) VO1HX (nil) VO1EGH (599) 7th, 1301 UT. Cod Jiggers Net: VO1KVT(nil) VO1FJS(599+10) VO1BQ(599) (VO2ET nil [qrm from carrier]) QSO with VO1BQ and TX off at 1355 UT 7 Feb 2016. Many thanks to Steve VE7SL for organising this event. PA0RDT audio clip from ~0200 7 Feb.

November 2015

13-15th 70 watts 477.7 kHz to monopole. CW beacon. 2130-0130 QSX 3562 kHz. 0130-2130 marker beacon. Part of the event marking the 107th anniversary of the Berlin treaty allocating 600m. Info from RAC and ARRL news . A QSO with Vern VE1VDM took place on Friday. here is his audio clip and his spectrum

October 2015

9th 50 watts to monopole CW beacon. OP8 478.477 kHz

September 2015

20th. 50 watts to monopole CW beacon. 477.7 kHz Today replaced matching xfmr. Old one had vy high SWR for P>2 watts. 22-23 50 watts to monopole with 12 WPM CW.

August 2015

10th. 5 watts to monopole CW beacon. 477.7 kHz Clear sigs in Pouch Cove with 2m wire to the FT-817 jack. Nice & strong with miniwhip. 16th. 569 in Whitbourne. 24th. Eastport and TNNP(weaker) 31st Nil at DF2JP.

July 2015

9th. Good copy of QRSS100/25 watts to monopole by PA0RDT using Perseus and linrad. 10th weaker copy by Roelof. 11th strong sigs at PA0RDT (10 dB SNR in 10 Hz audible), PA3CPM and DK7FC. 14th. PA0RDT bit of solar activity but predawn enhancement. PA3FNY a full callsign copied. PA3CPM a nice copy; DK7FC good copy and a bit of drift. Expecting lightning so QRT for tonight. 25,26,27th. OP8 25 watts to the monopole 7 decodes by W1TAG/1 in S Maine. on the morning of the 27th. Reports from G6AVK TF3HZ 29th QRSS100 25 watts to the monopole. 477.7 kHz. Capture by PA0RDT and audible reception ~0345 UTC. 30th. On again tonight. 30th. PA0RDT and DF2JP. 31st: Henny PA3CPM sends a good capture.

June 2015.

CW beacon 477.7 kHz 50 watts day & night since 19 June. Copied in Whitbourne, Clarenville, Bonavista etc. using a miniwhip and FT-817. 26th, Audible copy and clear QRSS3 on the 5 s dash by W1TAG. VO1CBS in Carbonear reports vy strong sigs. 0000 27 June. VO1MRC field day message broadcast. Copied at HR Grace Museum VO1A 28 June. Off 2300 uct.

May 2015.

17,18th. OP8 from evening to dawn. 60 watts to the monopole. 18th reports from PA3ABK. 20th: nil at EB6FRN Iban. Sigs reported by F6CNI PA3ABK 2E0ILY G4WGT G3XKR(strong sigs!) 21st: PA3ABK DF2JP(thanks Joe for the report) LA3EQ F6CNI 22nd. F6CNI 2E0ILY PA3ABK G4WGT DF2JP LA3EQ; One capture by DF6NM OPDS: 2015-05-22 00:36:33 VO1NA 4563km 478477.095Hz 10mHz -41.9dBOp 93% 16.6dB Evidently QRG a bit off on the TX. Ae's earthed in anticipation of lightning storm tonight. Thanks to all!

Mar 2015.

20th. 50 watts to monopole 2135 utc following geomagnetic storm. Reports from VO1FOG Coleys Point weak on 80m dipole. VO1EGH Carbonear 589; VO1DI Carbonear 559; VO1SR Shearstown 599; VO1VCE Goulds beacon 599 but no copy on ssb on 3740. 21st. 1211 utc. VO1VCE 599; VO1SR 578-589. PA0RDT reported nothing received. TX off 1030 23 Mar. Very poor conditions as a result of the CME on 17 Mar.

Feb 2015.

3-6 Recovered wire fom treetops. 4 trees chopped down. 100 watts OP8 to the RL . No reports on PSKreporter except 1 from DL-SWL on the 3rd(?). 9th. Reports: G4FFC, DL-SWL and G8LCO. 09 Feb G8LCO G0NBD DF2JP PA3ABK G6AVK G8HUH G4FEV
14th RL antenna down again. Try the monopole.
15th 1942 utc 12 WPM CW 100 watts to monopole. 16th: Aural reception by PA0RDT at 2314. 559 report from VO1UL at 2230.
16th VO1UL hears it at 9:30AM (1400 utc) and 2248 but weak. 17th PA0RDT makes another recording with favourable conditions prevailing. The reflected power on the monopole is high.
18: PA0RDT reports "much weaker than the night before. The Kyoto Dst dropped to minus 65 overnight and conditions followed suit". VO1UL had reception throughout the day. 19: Good copy at PA0RDT, aural at 0400. Consistent daytime copy at VO1UL
20: Aural copy at PA0RDT but with 20Hz filter. Dst just below 0, SWR good.
Off 1600 22 Feb 2015

January 2015

27-29 CW again. 100 watts to the RL, details of which were sent to the LF reflector. ON7YD using 27m up, 100m across and 12m high at far end, using MMANA-GAL: Z = 1.57-j185.5 Ohm. 29 Poor conditions: F1AFJ sigs 2300-0230 only. 27th VO1TX 2205 vy light, 28th VO1UL 559. VO1VZ nil (due to no RX for 630m!) 26-27 CW night. 12 WPM 100 watts. Good clear copy at F1DTL 0030 utc. F1AFJ sends a series of captures covering 2208-0730. Strongest at 0330-0500 with many peaks and valleys during the night. Also seen on the G3YXM and G4WGT grabbers on line with very weak traces seen at DK7FC. VO1YR 2248 utc 579, VO1LM 2257 utc 229, VO1UL nil. 30th 0114 utc. A=9 K=3 SF=170.
25-26 OP8 at 2317. RL survived the storm but a halyard severed on the old 100m wire... also detached from helix hut. G8LCO G4WGT DF2JP 2E0ILY G0NBD G6AVK were the recipients of the sigs.
25 OP8 to RL. pskr: G0NBD G8HUH KU4XR. (one false decode) 23-24th. QRT couple of days due to 'bobsledding accident'! 60 watts to 100m RL. OP8. Strong sigs -15dB (?) at G8HUH reported by G0NBD. PSKreporter: G8LCO G6AVK DL-SWL DF2JP and OPDS: SV8RV and DF6NM who says the freq a bit off at his end 478.4880028 kHz.
20-21st. 70W 12WPM and OP8 0150-0250. F1AFJ sends cap showing weak conds. Is far end of RL still up? 19th. 70 watts to the RL antenna. Wx warmed up, some snow melted and the reflected power went up a bit. Very vague hints of sigs on the G4WGT grabber. After an hour of OP8 on 478.477, one hit at M0PPP then back to CW 477.7 kHz. Good reception by Arvid Husdal in Kristiansand Norway.
18 Went Up the hill on snowshoes to improve tuning. 50 watts to the 100 metre rotated L. No aerial current reading has been made as yet.
F1AFJ and OR7T report variable sigs up to 529. VO1UL reports very light signals in St Anthony at 2245, QRB451 km. VO1BQ in GN37PO: weak but clear sigs. Tried OP8 0124-0255 utc. Pskreporter hits: GW0EZY G8LCO DLSWL DF2JP DB1EPO and OPDS at SV8RV 5.9 Mm 0143 and 0154 utc. Weak traces seen on G4WGT, G3YXM and DK7FC grabbers. John KB5NJD saw traces on QRG the past 2 nights and hopes to confirm their origin. F1AFJ sends a transcript of captures: deep fades with periods of about 10-12 minutes and extended fades.
17th CW 12 WPM 50 watts to the new 100m wire (Invered L) via 50 uH but lots of reflected power at the shack end. First trial on 630m with the new 100m aerial.
ON7YD aural at 529
VE3EAR hears it too. F1AFJ captures show high variable reception.
Spectacular audio from PA0RDT Also captures from F6HCC and DF2JP who used ARGO NDB mode to resolve the CW elements.
09 OP8. No reports.
10 QRSS100. 50 watts to the monopole.

02 Dec 2014 F1AFJ F6CNI PA0RDT . Nobody copied sigs when tx on wire. 03 F1AFJ, PA0RDT, but no reports of sigs from wire. 1045 hissing loudly on wire. PA hot. AM rfi.
30 Nov-01 Dec. Reports from F6CNI F1AFJ and G3XDV who leads the pack with the most receptions over 10 hours. 29-30 Nov. Reports from SV8RV IT7SLZ (5445 km) PA0RTD F1AFJ and several online grabbers (15). 29 Nov. 40 watts to tower and wire. Reports from F6HCC F5MF F6CNI and G3YXM showing the tower to be 5-6 dB better than the wire. 24-28 Nov 35 watts tower/wire antennas. Reports from G0NBD and F6CNI and a dozen on PSKreporter. 28th. -17dB s/n at F6HCC. 16-17 Nov 100 watts 477.7 kHz CW Copied by Joe DF2JP Jean F6HCC J-P F1AFJ Nicolas F4DTL (visual) and Roelof PA0RDT (audible). 18 Nov Weak traces at DL4YHF. Nil at PA0RDT. TX off at dawn.
15 Nov. CW beacon 12 WPM 75 watts to monopole. TX hissing fits abated after older divider/driver moved closer to hexfed gate. TX:IRFP250 class E. Reports: PA0RDT briefly audible; F1AFJ good visual copy but inaudible; WA3TTS audible at ~0230 utc; DL4YHF,KL7L/XE3, nil G3NYK prop report: condx not favourable.
16 Nov CW beacon 100 watts to monopole.
14-15 Nov 60 watts. K4RKM G3XDV PA3ABK G8HUH G0NBD
12-13 Nov: G0NBD:G8HUH 12 Nov 2014 21:11:14 GMT OPERA, -30dB evening matinee; KL7L/XE3 s/n too low but maybe a trace; F1AFJ good copy; G3XDV 2256-0721UTC; F6CNI -18dB S/N 478,477.06 Hz. audible.

09 Nov. OP8 40 watts on 478.477 kHz using the new divider/keyer/driver (7493/7400/4427). 40 watts. Reports from G0NBD and G3XDV.
F1AFJ 3949 km 05:56:11
PA3ABK 4045 km 05:24:37
2E0ILY 3533 km 05:03:35
LA3EQ 3958 km 04:00:30
DF2JP 4188 km 04:00:30
DL-SWL 4400 km 02:57:24
F4DTL 4005 km 02:57:23
G3XDV 3720 km 02:15:20
W3NF 2149 km 01:54:17
G0NBD 3495 km 01:33:15
10-11 Nov.
F5WK 4017 km 02:59:23
PA3ABK 4045 km 02:59:23
G3XDV 3720 km 02:59:23
2E0ILY 3533 km 02:38:21
F6CNI 4052 km 02:06:48
G8HUH 3550 km 01:45:46

October 2014. 24-27th. 50 watts cw beacon to monopole. Copied over 250km land path: weak CW heard in Grand Falls using a 2' loop. 30th. 70 watts CW beacon overnight. 31st. CW beacon on 477.7 QSX 3562, 7062 kHz for crossband contacts 2130-0130 UTC. Reports: CW VO1BQ 579 EI7BA 439; VO1UL PE5T DL4HYF F6CNI nil. QRSS DL4YHF RW3ADB(trace) G3XDV

Aug 2014: Low power beacon on 477.7 kHz. A special operation is scheduled for 31 Oct-01 Nov thanks to Steve VE7SL. RX 3562,7066kHz 2130 31 Oct - 0130 1 Nov UTC. Thanks also to the 500kc group. ARRL INFO
Low power (10W)beacon sending CW and dot10. Copied in Cavendish during night and weakly audible at times on a 2' 16 turn loop/preamp/ft817. R=812 km. audio 477.7 kHz.
Also heard in Eastport (r=124 km) at very consistent levels using a miniwhip, the loop with and without a preamp (very weakly). Reported on the reflector. 23-27 variable reports from F1AFJ of the dot10 with weak traces of the CW smear on some nights. 28 Weaker reception by F1AFJ and a few traces reported by Joe DF2JP. 29 Just traces received at F1AFJ; poor TA conditions. 7 Sept. Very weak copy in Gander, nil in Gambo. 569 on 2'loop/preamp in Eastport. Off 2306 utc. TX moved from shed to shack.

June 2014: QRT for several days. 19th. Reports of audible sigs in strong QRN by PA0RDT, but good copy on QRSS10, also by F1AFJ. The beacon was running CW and dot 10 since the 15th. 50 watts to the monopole. 20th. A weak but certain capture by F1AFJ 00:05 > 00:27 utc. 21st. The solstice: weak sigs reported by F6CNI 0220-0235 but nil at F1AFJ.

01 May 2014: 630m officially becomes a new Canadian band. See the latest IC Table of Frequency Allocations
4th 0045 UTC a ceremonial CW message was sent on 477.7 kHz. 5-6 Continuation of message. 7th. QRSS10 starting 0100. 8-12 12WPM and QRSS10 beacon 50 watts. 477.700 kHz 13th: weak QRSS copied by F1AFJ but nil at F6CNI. 14th. QRSS quite readable at F1AFJ and F6CNI. 16. Weaker copy by F1AFJ; 2150 UTC VO1UL copies CW at 339. High QRN and K=2. 17th nil at AFJ and CNI, but weak sigs at F6HCC.
F1AFJ on the 13th.
F6CNI on the 14th.
F6HCC on the 17th.
18th: Better reception by F6HCC.

G3XDV on the 19th. QRN at AFJ
21: Good copy at AFJ.
22 Good reception of QRSS by F1AFJ but nil by F6CNI the past 3 days due to QRN. 23: F1AFJ: good between 0048 and 0107 then QRN. F6CNI 0036-0144 and 0243-0306 grey line but weak. 24th: F1AFJ writes "NA visible cette nuit de 00:15 > 01:30 , 03:05 > 03:50" 26th. 0330-0400 only at AFJ. 27. Nil at F6CNI and F1AFJ. 28: F1AFJ a dit: Juste de 00:35 > 01:00 plus une trace vers 04:50 et A6CNI a dit: réception était faible mais constant de 0030 à 0240 TU. 30: variable reception by F6CNI but nil on the 31st.

April 2014
1st. Good QRSS sigs reported by PA3CPM and PA3FNY. CW beacon on 477.7 kHz 50 watts to the monopole. ERP 1 watt. 3rd CW beacon 12 WPM.
14th QRSS beacon 2230-1000 utc.
15th qrss10 beacon 1955-1018. Copies by F1AFJ and F6HCC.

Update: March 2014.

The 472-479 kHz band became available in France today. It will soon become official in Canada when the Table of Allocations is published. There is no longer a need for special experimental authorisations (eg: VX9MRC, etc.) VX9MRC is now QRT on 60, 600 and 630m. Thanks to all who contributed to the experiment.
Proposed changes to the table of frequency allocations, compliments of Industry Canada, 12 Mar 2014.
In the mean time a QSO was had with EI0CF and VO1NA 2300-2324 UCT 12 Mar 2014 on 572.5 kHz.
EI0CF heard at VO1NA
Capture from VE1VDM

13 Mar. EI0CF worked again. Heard DF5QG at 339. He reported hearing VO1NA 229.

0000 15-16 Mar. Beacon on 477.7 kHz but nil heard at DL4RAJ and DF5QG.

16 March 2014. On suggestion of G0NBD, tx OP4 478.65 kHz 50 watts to the monopole starting 2300 utc. TX off 0949. Results from pskreporter:
WE2XGR 1724 km 09:44:27
PA3ABK 4045 km 06:01:07
G4WGT 3519 km 05:30:57
F4DTL 4005 km 05:26:46
G8HUH 3550 km 04:13:45
KU4XR 2889 km 03:56:35
K3SIW-2 2848 km 02:52:11
G0NBDTWEN/SDR 4173 km 01:43:27
G0NBD 3495 km 01:30:33
W3NF 2149 km 00:30:25
And reports of 15 receptions from G4WGT and many good copies with little fading from G0NBD and F4DTL. I

18 Mar.
G4WGT 3519 km 06:08:40
G0KTN 3587 km 05:55:54
PA3ABK 4045 km 05:55:53
K3SIW-2 2848 km 05:00:03
G0NBD 3495 km 00:46:40
G6AVK 3781 km 00:38:05

2130 CW Beacon 50 watts 477.7 kHz . Copied by VO1UL 2154 vy weak on a G5RV. 2300 QRSS/CW TX 477.7 RX 477.7, 472.5 kHz
19th. 0100 QRSS10 beacon. G0NBD plagued by noise, but "O" copy at DL4YHF in QSB with peak at 0330 UTC and post sunrise reception. A very good copy of the QRSS10 by F4DTL. 2130 CW beacon. Heard by VO1VCE, VO1UL 589, VO1TX 599 20th. First day of spring. 2100 cw beacon 0014 21 Mar QRSS10 until 0955. Report from Tom SM2DJK.
22nd. DL4YHF via the LF reflector reported audible signals

around 0345 UTC. Wolf was using an IC-706 / 60 m wire resonated at 475 kHz, preselector/preamp off.
PA3CPM gets a nice copy on the 23rd.

. Meanwhile PA3FNY monitors continuously. A typical peak at around 0300

Victor's grabber shows the path to be open from 2200 to 0700.
24th: TX 477.7 RX 476.12 kHz. QRSS10 starting 0000 utc. 0111 QRSS10 QSO with Wolf DL4YHF who was running 100 watts on 476.1264 kHz to 60m inv L at 11m. Good copy with both stations reporting audible reception at times. Here running 50 watts. ERP 1 watt. RX FT-817 connected to TX ant. An overnight transcript of the operation was captured by PA3CPM.
25th. CW 477.7 kHz beacon starting 2150 then listening 472.5 kHz on 0000 and on the half hour. Reports of beacon received from VO1UL(339) VO1GO(569) VO1TX(nil). CW QSO's with EI0CF and DF5QG. CW beacon till dawn. This could be seen as smudges on the overnight spectra of PA3NFY. Local sunrise/set 0924/2149 utc.
26th. CW beacon starting 2051. 50 watts 12 WPM 477.7 kHz. 27,28th. CW beacon. 28th 2113. QRSS10 beacon. Reports received from PA3FNY DL4YHF F1AFJ and PA3CPM. 30th QRSS10 TX,RX. Reception reports from PA3FNY F1AFJ DL4YHF PA3CPM hinting of poor propagation. There was as solar flare yesterday. 31st. Good capture by PA3CPM and PA3FNY -- after the TR switch was set to TX late last night.



The MRCN 500 Experiment (Archive)

(Transmitter frequencies: 477.7, 504.1, 507.77 and 508.5 kHz)

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

100 watts 1.7 Amps to a 100m wire at 10m average height
or monopole, Rrad=1 ohm.

Note: VX9MRC is also authorised to transmit on 60 metres since 7 June 2012. 60 metres and 472-479 kHz have not yet been allocated to the Amateur Service in Canada


In 1999 the Canadian Coast Guard officially abandoned the 500 kHz marine CW band. In late 2006 a group of Canadian amateurs, many of whom were participants in the 2200m experiments that lead to the allocation of our first LF band, drafted an experimental 600 metre proposal. This was submitted to Industry Canada and Radio Amateurs of Canada. In October 2009, specific Canadian radio amateurs were authorised by IC to conduct experiments between 504 and 509 kHz with an ERP of 20 watts. On 14 February 2012, a new amateur band at 472 to 479 kHz was approved at WRC12. The Canadian delegation of the IARU acknowledged the work of Canadian amateurs towards this achievement.

MRCN Experimental Proposal

Attention Newfoundland and Labrador Amateurs...

Your chances of hearing the beacon may improve if you use a loop antenna. Here are some hints on how to build one and a Picture of what it might look like. There is also info on listening without a loop.

The purpose of this study is, in part, to gather information for the Canadian delegation in support of an allocation for the amateur service at the WRC2012. This was made an agenda item by the IARU. The large area of the province and the need for reliable emergency communications makes this study of considerable regional importance. The IARU has a long history (From "The T. & R. Bulletin" 3,1, July 1927) Copyright of the Radio Society of Great Britain and reproduced here with their kind permission.

Publications appearing in "The Canadian Amateur" Thanks to Radio Amateurs of Canada.

TCA May/Jun 2008 p.6
TCA Jul/Aug 2009 p 10.
TCA Jul/Aug 2010.
TCA Nov/Dec 2011

OPERA, the new digital mode, is available on the web site: http://rosmodem.wordpress.com/

Station Descriptions


Operation Schedule / Signal Reports 2013

EI0CF QSO 0006 14 Dec 2013

Reports received: EI0CF; VO1BQ; VE2PEP; VO1SQ 599; VO1UL 559; VO1ER R1; VO1DV 579; WE2XGR/2 579; 15th VE1VMD; VO1FJS 599+20; VO1UL; VO1CAL 589; VO1VCE; VO1FB 599+ (VX9MRC 477.7 kHz 14-15 Dec)

VE1VDM capture.

SCHEDULE 14-15 Dec 2013 (subject to change - suggestions welcomed)

VX9MRC working frequency is 477.70 kHz, 1.5 watts ERP.

0000 QRSS3; QSX 467.17 kHz
0100 CW RX 477.7, 472.5
200-2259 CW telegram transmission
300 CW RX 472.2, 477.7 and 3700 kHz

000 QRSS3; QSX 467.17
100 CW RX 477.7, 472.5
200-2259 CW telegram
300 CW RX 472.5, 477.7 and 3700 kHz

EI0CF 477.7 kHz 0052 09 Dec 2013

2 December 2013. An announcement is made on the Evening NL Net on 3740 kHz concerning the operation on 14-15 December. VO1VZ, VO1YR, and VO1UL have expressed interest in participating. It is hoped to get as many amateurs as possible to copy the message and send it to their municipal representatives. This operation is to focus attention on the proposed new band and the value of amateur radio in emergency communications. It is dedicated to the memories of Dr Ken Pulfer, VE3PU who worked at the WRC2012 to secure the new band, to Wayne Smith VO1TA who provided signal reports, and to Dave Colton VO1TK a member of MRCN.

The following have provided reports of 600m signals from VX9MRC: VO1BQ VO1CAL VO1ER (Gander) VO1FB VO1FJS VO1GXG VO1HP VO1JA (Garnish,r=200km 255 degrees) VO1KVT (Lewisport 235 km 317 deg)) nil VO1MP VO1NA (Demo at a breakfast meeting) VO1NC (New Chelsea) Signal strength 2. VO1JNS VO1OT (nil) VO1SJH (Port au Port, weak), VO1TA (Hearts Delight) VO1TX (St Anthony) VO1UL (St Anthony) VO1VCE (539 to 599) VO1VZ (Torbay) VO1XP (Torbay) VO1YR (Shoal Harbour) (If you provided a report and are not listed, please let me know!)

November: 630 metres in Canada. VX9MRC will be on 478 kHz 14-15 December 2013 under temporary authorisation. This operation is to focus attention on the proposed new band and its value to emergency communications for amateurs and their municipalities. A special telegram will be sent and those who copy it will be invited to forward it to their municipal representatives.

October 2013 Comments solicited by Industry Canada are published.

Updates: 4 July: MRCN notified concerning IC Proposal re 472-479 kHz. 8 Jul. RAC Bulletin, 9th ARRL Bulletin. Comments are being drafted.

January: 14th 50 watts 1.2 Amps to the 100 metre wire. 504.1 kHz CW beacon and 10 s carrier. Authorised by Industry Canada for 14 Jan-14 Feb. 17 Jan 50 watts ~0015-1045 utc. 20-23 100 watts to monopole. Copied by VE1VDM W1VD VO1TA VO1VCE but not by VO1UL nor VE9WW. 22 Morning argo cap by G4WGT:

23. Now sending QRSS10.

29 Gary gets a few full callsigns.

February. 2nd-3rd QRSS20 on 504.1 kHz. Clear copy, audible at times at AA5AM in Texas, a new distance record for Scott. A CW beacon was set up and its operation announced over the Cod Jigger Net with reports from Dave VO1VCE in Goulds and Carl VO1UL in St Anthony on Sunday morning.

Operation Schedule / Signal Reports 2012

29 Dec 2012. DF7KC and DF6NM gradually increased in strength from QRSS10 to audible signals on 476.172 and 476.150 kHz.

6 Nov 2012: 630m now available in Norway.

November: To commemorate the assignment of 500 kHz as a disaster frequency a century ago, VX9MRC will be QRV on 504.1 kHz on 2-4 November.

3rd: Signal reports have been received from VO1UL (449 on beam pointed north!) VO1TX (nil), VO1FB (loud and clear) EI0CF (whose call was acknowledged 4 Nov 2012) VO1OT (nil) VO1NC (S5 on 20m wire) and VO1UL on the 4th noting weaker signals than yesterday. 100 watts to the monopole, though the 100m wire was used for the transmissions on 2 November. Reports received and gratefully acknowledged from VO1UL VO1CAL who reported hearing the signals. A screen capture was received from DL4YHF showing clear traces of the signals with an SDR-IQ at DF0WD. Jim VO1YR reported strong sigs being received on an untuned 190' wire. at 1730 utc. Dick VO1ER using trap 80-10 dipole could just hear it for the first time at 2302, while Carl VO1UL heard it 559 on the G5RV this evening, stronger than the triband beam.

2 May: 5 amps to monopole. CW Beacon. Loud and clear in Kelligrews. 4-5 May. OPERA4 5 RF amps to monopole. No sigs detected at G0NBD.

April 9th: CW transmissions copied by VO1YR but not VO1UL who was getting QRM (2145 UTC). 12: Copied by VO1YR again but not VO1UL during evening. 13: VE2JWH copied beacon several times around 0430 UTC 18 May: Principality of Monaco has allocated 472-479 kHz to the amateur service with max power of 1 watt. 23 May Reception report of Argo reception by KN8AZN. 25: NO3M copied CW. 26 Weak Spectrum Lab traces at G0NBD. 27 weak but readable CW at KN1H.

15 April 2012 0001-0400 UTC. Special transmission to commemorate the centenary of Titanic disaster. 507.77 kHz CW. 20th QRSS10. 22 CW beacon copied by ear with some fading by W1TAG. 23rd 100 watts 2.5A to monopole. CW beacon.

March 3rd: Opera 4 transmissions 100 watts to the tower. Reports:
KL7UK/5 600m OPERA 3703 km (Oklahoma) 06:34:55
PA3ABK 600m OPERA 4061 kms 05:55:58
G0KTN 600m OPERA 3602 kms 05:17:00
5th: W1VD Jay copied from 0300-1000

12 Feb QRSS10

14 Feb 2012. WRC2012 Approves 472-479 kHz as a new amateur allocation.

17-20 Feb. 8 WPM CW ID and 10 second carrier. 100 watts to monopole.

23 January: 0110 UTC. 100 watts to a 100m wire. 8 WPM CW ID followed by a 10 second carrier. Opera transmissions.

Operation Schedule / Signal Reports 2011

November 2011. 6th. 30 watts 0.5 amps to a 100m wire. 5 Not heard by VO1VZ. 7: loud and clear at MUN. (miniwhip) 8 Copied by VO1VZ in Torbay. 12/13: Reception reports from Gary G4WGT(up to 559 in QSB) Rik ON7YD and John GM4SLV. Graham G8FZK who reported 'Not a beep' near Liverpool.

October 2011. 9th. 100 watts to vert. 10th: Reports received from H. Wolff, G4WGT, KN8AZN. 11th. VE3EAR reported weak traces. 13th. AA4AM in Texas DL9AAM 14th. ARGO traces by PA3CPM. 27 Oct. on at 230 UTC. 8 WPM CW ID and 10s carrier.

Jul/Aug 2011. The power is reduced from 100 to 35 watts to reduce the voltage on the tower. The beacon signal is a CW ID at 8 WPM followed by a 10 second carrier.

May 2011. Jim VO1YR has noted night time QSB of up to 30 dB. Carl VO1UL has copied the beacon at 0050 utc but not during the day. On the 11th, Jim measured the signal levels from the 21m vertical and the 100m horizontal. The latter was 7 dB down. VO1UL hears the beacon on the 21m tower but only after dark. Last night 0113 utc (12 May) and 0054 (13th) on HF beam pointing SW. 80m antenna was too noisy.

25 April 2011. Experimented with tuning a 21 metre tower on 507.77 kHz: 267 uH of inductance was required for resonance. A 100m wire was used for an antenna. The transmitter power was 100 watts. Mode: 8 WPM CW beacon followed by 10 seconds of unmodulated carrier. 2140 UTC: signal reports were received from VO1YR (Shoal Harbour) r=100 km 559, VO1TA (Hearts Delight) r=50 km 589, and VO1UL (St Anthony) r=500km who was unable to hear it until about 2320 because of strong power line interference. Carl used an HF beam instead of a G5RV because the former had a better S/N. Thank-you gentlemen. 26 Apr. Wayne reports 58/99 VO1SJH reports nil. VO1VCE: 53/59 Carl: no report. Tried loading 21 m tower, but got high SWR. Using 100m wire. 27: 0130 UTC. -57 dB (rel) at VO1YR using 80m dipole. 1820 utc. Using 21 m tower for TX. VO1JA (Harold in Garnish,r=200km 255 degrees) reports 559 sigs on 80m dipole. Ken VO1KVT (Lewisport 235 km 317 deg)) Nil. VO1NC( New Chelsea) Signal strength 2.

According to information from inquiries by Jim Dean, although standard amateur contact are not sanctioned by an international treaty, we are evidently permitted to acknowledge foreign stations who call us.

20 Feb. QRSS3 Beacon. 100 watts to 100m wire at 15m height. Weak signals seen on G4WGT grabber and reported by F4DTL. 22 Feb. PA3FNY and KU4XR report strong signals. VE3EAR,VE7BDQ,VE3GTC reported no sigs.

February: Transatlantic digital on 500 kHz as reported by RSGB news
Thanks to Graham, G0NBD for his patience and generous assistance and to MRCN for the use of the receiver.

January A third report is sent to RAC.

Running 100 watts to a 100m wire at 15 m height. 13-15 Jan 2011. Clear ARGO traces were received by PA3CPM and PA3FNY. 16 Weak copy by PA3FNY who was receiving XGJ on 137 kHz very well. 17 PA3FNY reports traces. 18 PA3CPM copies in QRM. Good copy at PA3FNY. 19 Audible at PA3FNY. VE7BDQ reports weak traces and weakly heard at G3LDO. 20 Now QRSS3. Copied by PA3FNY on 21 and vy strong on 22 Jan. Copy By F4DTL on 22nd. Not detected by VE7BDQ on either day. 23 Good copies by PA3FNY and G4WGT. 24 Aerial iced and down. 25: US stations are authorised to use 461-487 kHz.

Operation Schedule / Signal Reports 2010

Sept 2010. Reports from KN1H KN8AZN VO1VCE. Off air following major storm on 21 Sep. QRV again on 507.77 kHz as of 2250 UTC 26 Sep. 2010. 28 Sept. Signal reports received from VO1FJS, VO1TA, VO1MP, VO1JNS, but nothing heard at VE1DM in Sydney NS. 30 Sep. Reports: VE1DM (heard 2304 UTC) VO1BQ.

Aug 2010. A follow-up report is sent to RAC.

July: John Gibbs' report is published. See P 45 of the Jul/Aug 2010 issue of The Canadian Amateur (TCA) Alan Griffin, editor. Report on My Activities near 500 kHz. Also in that issue P 49 see a report on International Marconi Day. 10 July 0415 utc. VX9MRC on 507.77 kHz is heard (weak but readable) using an FT-817 and a PA0RDT miniwhip at 57 03N 61 18W off the Labrador Coast. TX 100 watts to 100m wire at 10 m height. May: 20th: The first transatlantic 500 kHz signals from PA3CPM are received.

23 VX9MRC is received by W1TAG in ME and at various locations around NL.
March: VX9MRC renewed by Industry Canada.
January: 8 WPM CW 507.77 kHz 1.7 amps 100 watts. 100m wire at 10m. Many reports received from Europe and North America. The first local measurements of signal strength are made by Jim VO1YR.

Operation Schedule / Signal Reports 2009

23 Oct 2009. VX9MRC commissioned. Copied by VO1HP VO1XP VO1FB More info to appear soon. Also copied by VO1NA at breakfast meeting inside a restaurant with a PA0RDT miniwhip and curious onlookers.
25 Oct. QSO with EI0CF. First Canadian 600m experimental transatlantic QSO. Copied by VE1VDM (argo).
Copied by VO1GXG 'As clear as day'
03 November. QSO with Jack VX9ZZZ. DI2AM WE2XSH/6 heard. 2338 beacon started on 507.77 kHz
reports from VE2PEP (nil today) SM6BHZ and DL8AAM
7 Nov QRSS3 507.77 kHz. Reports from AA1A 'Nice crisp QRSS3 beacon...' And an ARGO copy by VE7BDQ, spanning Canada, QRB=5000 km.

John was using a shielded 3 metre loop in a NE/SW orientation fed with coax and using a shielded preamp/tuner in the shack which feeds a Icom pro3 in cw mode set at 350 cycle bandwidth.
Reports of QRSS3 and CW reception received from Germain, VE2PEP 2235,0343.
8 Nov QRSS3 507.77 kHz. Reports from VE2PEP and QRSS3 fragments received at VE7BDQ at 0806 and 0808 utc. Norway amateurs are allocated a band at 493-510 kHz on 6 November. Copied by GM3BST at 339 at 2240.
9: QSO with G3LDO using QRSS3. Another CW qso with VX9ZZZ. Report from VE2PEP Copied QRSS. 0030, 0430.
10 Nov 2220 UTC. Reports from VO1SJH(Port au Port, weak), VO1UL(St. Anthony, clear) and VO1TA (very close! weak but readable). Reports were sent from these stations on 3738 kHz where conditions were poor and QRM was high.

November 2009. A report is sent to RAC. In an unfortunate turn of events, RAC is advised by IC that there may be no provisions for Canadian 500 kHz experimental stations to communicate with other stations. Not withstanding that communication between amateur and other experimental stations was explicitly included in the officially approved experimental proposal, for the purpose of "exchanging signal reports and comparing propagation" further communications from VX9MRC are henceforth voluntarily suspended pending further information.

09 December 2009: 2200-2300 UTC and 10 December 0100-1000 utc CW 507.77 kHz. Reports will be posted at a later date.

ON7YD 630m site .

ARRL 500 kHz experiment .

Audio clip from VO1HP 23 Oct 09 on 507.77 kHz

Audio clip of the ei0cf vx9mrc QSO